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What's going on here?

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Mioveni 1-0 Dinamo
Unirea 1-0 Rapid

Semifinalists: Mioveni, Unirea, CFR Cluj/Brasov, Pandurii/Gloria Buzau

1 CFR 49
2 Rapid 41
3 Unirea 39
4 Poli Tm 38
5 Steaua38
6 Dinamo 35

Whats going on here? Rapid, Dinamo and Steaua on a serious low and teams like CFR Cluj and Unirea coming up. Not to mention recent "giant"killers U Cluj and Poli Iasi or the above listed cup semifinalists.

  • Is it that Portuguese league bench players are better than Romanian internationals?
  • Or maybe the big Bucharest teams are finding it hard to live up to successes of recent seasons, such as Dinamo's double, Steaua-Rapid in the UEFA Cup quarterfinals etc.
  • Maybe the manager changes for the top three have been too much to handle. Rapid have had Bergodi and Rednic, Steaua have had Hagi, Pedrazzini and Lacatus, Dinamo have had Rednic, Zenga, Dinu and Talnar, only this season. CFR and Unirea have only had one manager this season, Andone and Petrescu respectively. It can also be argued that the manager changes wouldnt have happened if the teams were performing, so...
  • ...Maybe league and cup sponsors Bürger and Timisoreana are providing too many bonuses to the top three?
  • Has CFR tipped off the Bucharest teams to stay quiet this season? Its funny how CFR win games no matter how badly they play. Steaua, Rapid and Dinamo will lose even on a good day.

Is it just an off season or is it the start of a new era where Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia are forever being replaced by the might Real Betis, Getafe and Zaragoza?

Or will Liga I become Ligue I where CFR wins the title every season from the beginning of the retur and 2nd placed to bottom placed is pretty much random?

Any ideas :ass:
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CFR also got help from the refs in key games.
they would be still on the 1st place, they are just better this year and i don't like it either but they deserve it.
The question is, are they really this strong, or are the Bucharest teams incredibly weak and clumsy this year and CFR took advantage?

Interestingly, Rednic managed to butcher 2 of the Bucharest teams this season.
IMO it´s a transition season.

The big teams should wake up. They need good coaches, good players, a serious project and patience.

Too many mistakes in all levels, from directors to players. Steaua have the extra-problem of a crazy owner.

CFR have probably better reserves than the big teams. There are too many average/not in a good moment players in Bucharest teams. CFR have not the pressure of those teams, and players and coach have the support of their directors. BIG difference.

Bad attitude. Vaslui or Urziceni players are an example for big teams players. No spirit.

Probably the end of an era for teams like Steaua (Dica, Goian..), Rapid (Buga, Maldarasanu...) and Dinamo (Niculescu, Danciulescu...). This makes me think that it´s a transition season for these teams.
Yeah, I think it's a transition not with the players but finances.

Few years ago Bucaresti dominated romanian football and even a club like Craiova went under, and FC National.

Then you look at the 2 euro vase thing, and 3 uefa cup, 2 champs league.

Our League is getting richer owners, country is getting more attention for our football.
Football sponsers are putting out more cash, because it's the biggest market in romania arguably.

Our football now is in a transition to think " How do we spend this money" right now our clubs don't know what to do with the money, and CFR got lucky and picked some interesting players, and LUCKY squad that somewhat came together ( no doubt bought some games ).

Even our liga.2. teams, 4/5 of them could dish out 1M on transfers now.

I think this is positive, and having clubs like uniera or brasov in europe is actualy exciting and in a positive direction because they will get richer, and help our overall league.

last season we were at a point where we were going to either turn into a exporting league, or a importing league.

it's nice to see a importing league happening because the exporting wouldn't do our clubs well either than financual where you know romanian owners would pocket it and call it a day.

Almost every LIGA 1 side can dish out 500k for a player if they wanted, which a few years ago was not the case.

CFR,Rapid,Steaua,Dinamo,Craiova,POLI,Gloria,Otelul all can dish out nice cash now, and it started with the "Otelul money for results" thing in the EURO VASE/UEFA CUP.

I love what is happening, and the more teams that go into europe, the more competitive and wealthier, nevermind serious our clubs will get.

Having none of the bucaresti sides in it is in our best interest to be honest because clubs like Uniera,Vaslui,CFR,BRASOV,GLORIA will gain international experience and a name for themselves in europe, ( gloria already did along with otelul )

People will gain interest, europe will want to watch romanian football for our clubs and players..

I don't remember how many people were captivated v A.Madrid the GK for Gloria, or how many people loved watching Paraschiv.

This is going to be benificial in a few years to us being a big league in europe, and join in with Italy,Spain,Germany,England,France.

I love this, and I would love to see any other clubs in europe.
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In my opinion the traditional top teams (Steaua, Dinamo, Rapid) are in conflict within themselves. Their owners are trying to steal the spotlight and interfering with the coaches and players too much. In the mean time, other teams like Urizceni, CFR, Poli Tm and Vaslui have built a decent management and a management that lets the coaches and players take care of playing soccer and in the first place, not fighting with them for the spotlight.
Damnit Claudiu, is it that hard to get at least the name of cities and teams right?

Unirea not Uniera
Bucuresti or Bucharest NOT Bucaresti or Bucharesti

Progresul Bucuresti (FC National has gone back to its old name) has never been a big team.

It's interesting because the year U Craiova relegated, people were saying it was the death of the province. Yet ever since we relegated and came back, provincial teams have been growing at a rapid rate.
Thats not the reason why though, that just proved the competitvness of this league.

Our economy in romania is growing and the industries are becomming loaded.

The little paris that once was, is now spreading the wealth.

Sadly the richer get richer and the poorer get poorer..

It's atleast benfiicial for the football clubs.

FC National atleast participated in europe, and won a title. makes them big enough.
I know its not the reason...I was just simply stating it.

When did Progresul win a title? :howler: They won the cup in 1960.
yea lol national trained on airstrips a couple of times.
Tunarul said:
I know its not the reason...I was just simply stating it.

When did Progresul win a title? :howler: They won the cup in 1960.

My bad, I thought they won it in 2002.. but they came 2nd.
They should have won it, but that was one of the most rigged championships by Dinamo in post-revolution history of Liga 1.
Tunarul said:
They should have won it, but that was one of the most rigged championships by Dinamo in post-revolution history of Liga 1.

Well 2002/2003 was the time they were at a huge height, and now they are a mid table liga 2 side.

Imagine if it happened to Craiova, how would you feel Octavian?

Even easier for them since they aren't in a area full of money like bucuresti.

It will be better for liga 1 to have CFR, and i think out of all these teams, Otelul will become interesting.. and i'm not sure what Uneira could do without petrescu.
You mean 2001-2002. In 2002-2003, they finished 8th.

It could never happen to Craiova because Craiova has tradition, supporters and is a legend in Romanian football. Our relegation for one year did us an incredible amount of good.

U N I R E A has solid ownership and I think will continue to grow. CFR is fine as long as you don't see more teams follow them (but get even weaker players from Portugal, Argentina, Brazil etc). Otelul has good youth.
Otelul have a lot of promising wonder-kids for FM :D
The thing is...the season is a big fiasco for the 3 Bucharest giants. That´s something new in our football.
So we will soon have:


Too bad Baia Mare aren't in..there was a perfect name for them: Beira Mar :tongue:
I actualy was having a trial with Baia Mare, but I chose not to, they are in debt and a hard situation.
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