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So you guys lost and I´m happy as punch but it really doesn´t matter because Juve doesn´t deserve to be up at nr 1 this season anyway. If Juve walks away with Lo Scudetto then nobody will remember that you guys put all of italy to sleep for some 30 of the 34 games you played.

Still I´m not one to dance on other peoples graves and Glen is a Juve supporter and I am a Glen supporter so I guess .. Cheer up or something :)

So, what does it matter if we put everyone to sleep in30 matches?? We are still first aren't we????

Just look at the positions, and you'll see Juve is much more efective than Lazio: More points with less goals.

Putting up a show in football is just a part of the game, the least important one. What really matters is the points.


FoRzA JuVe

fOrZa BiAnCoNeRi
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