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it is reported that lorenzo sanz is offering anelka plus $20mil for inzaghi. and i tell u, if moggi accepts this one, he would be the biggest fool of all in italian history. moggi the moron as i've always said (i already mentioned 1,000,000 that i hate moggi) i hope he doesn't fall for this open trap. i mean anelka?? what team would want to have anelka?? lazio WAS interested but they pulled out after anelka pulled something out at madrid. if juve land this one, they will be the laughing stock of italy!! nooooo, please, nooooo!! :( i told u juve is not good at all when it comes to buying players!! anelka-cry-baby said he wants to play for PSG and i hope that is where he goes. if i am moggi, i will offer inzaghi+cash for raul. :)

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