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I don't think we'd be looking for a striker with all the intensity and seriousness that we see at the moment if we were gonna go for 1 striker (Baros or whoever)..

On the other hand, I don't think LG's form can be evaluated enough to make a decision to get a right winger.. he's JUST back from injury.. so he'll need time to get back to his best.. Actually, I think the last game (Newcastle) was the first time he really stuck to the right wing role.. before that he had more of a free role.. Nunez is a pure winger regardless of how talented he is (sigh)..

But one thing is for sure.. Finnan has surely been putting in better performances at right back than Josemi (who started really well then started a slide in form)..

Basically, I think we should be thinking of getting a striker or two (maybe one on loan), a young central defender who'll eventually take Sami's spot (Collicini is my pick here) and if we still have money (which I doubt).. a creative midfielder or right winger..

What I think is ideal would be getting 2 strikers in Anelka and Moro.. BOTH on loan with options to buy at the end of the season.. and we simply pick who plays better.. but that's a BIT too unrealistic to happen :)
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