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i don't have to be a genious to conclude that our attack in not sharp enough. for this reason i think that boskov should call-up pjanovic in the national team. in that case we would go to euro with 5 attackers, 3 goalkeepers, 7 midfielders and 8 defenders. pjanovic has proven his high quality this season and i personally think that he and kezman could be a surprising duo on the euro. we shall see if boskov has enough balls to call this virtuos with the ball from marakana.
also some players are completly useless in our team such as nadj, krstajic etc. i'm keep on asking why talents such as sasha ilic(he is a true leader of yugo new generation), vlada ivic, lazetic and bole boskovic are not in this squad or at least some of them. nadj is not playing for the national team well for 5 years now, krstajic is a player full of holes, jokan is to slow.
we need some changes in order to make a good result on euro 2000 and upon this i consider semi-finals. my prediction will sound to optimistic to many of you but i assure you that we have a great team who will hopefully start to play properly on the time.
s verom u boga do titule prvaka evrope!!!!!!
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