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What to do in the summer?

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Well, now that where safe and stuff. Who do you want to keep, buy etc. Will we keep Villa, Silva, Joaquin? etc. Will Banega go? etc. All the crap for this vital summer can go here.

You can merge this shit with other thread if you want.

Now that are Real Zaragoza relegated, i want to raid there team even though where cheap fcuks.
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What about Manu Fernandes?

I actually think we should take him back, he's good depth i suppose, i mean we already bought him for loads of money, might aswell get him back in the squad.
Selling Banega is hilarious, because he's shown he is good, he's only young. I think selling a player just for being a drunk isn't right, he just needs guidance, he's undoubtably a good player and has shown it in the little games he played.

The only player from our huge money basket we payed for i wouldn't mind going is Zigic, i think we should just admit we made a mistake he's not that good and sell him.
Yea Blaz go to bed now, it's like 8AM in Aussie land.
Yea i get your point on Zigic, either way i won't be fussed if he stays.

Moyes said he ain't can't make the move permanent because of the 3rd party intrusion.

But the players we need to sell are:


^^^ I may have forgotten some.

We need to buy:

A back-up GK

Wingers are fine, CM's are fine i think and strikers are fine (ish). Depending on what happens with Villa etc.
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Mestalla, what about Marchena as anchorman?

I wouldn't mind that to be honest.
Dear god, leave Silva alone.

He's a good player!!!
I like it, but who's Pedro Lopez?! Not that reject from years back?

Overall nice depth there and stuff like that, but worried about the lack of strikers though, only 2, could be troublesome.
I actually hope we play 4-2-3-1, i don't like the 4-3-3, we just don't have the right players in the right places.
Fcukin' hell, in 2007 Joaquin was fantastic in a 4-4-2, he is great.

Do people have selective memories on here or what? He can't play 4-3-3, leave him alone.
Paulo Assuncao looks set for Atletico Madrid :thumbsup:

So thats one player off you list ValenciaCdeF :pp
Paulo Assuncao? We don't even need him anyway, our CM is not a problem really.
Jose Enrique? **** that. And also i don't like this Silva in CM business.
I'd rather see Silva on the wing personally, he's a better player than Mata. Hopefully Emery sees it the same.

Also on Vicente, he's a good bench option, but he's not that good anymore.
Mata can do everything.

And LCF, show more respect to the second best player this season for us, someone we stole from Real.

Personally I think he's the dogs bollocks, Aragones is mad for not calling him up.
He's easily Spain's best player after White boy Iniesta and Villa.
Big deal, being our 2nd best player this season is like saying "look i got AIDS not Cancer".

And Mata is the 3rd best Spanish player, wtf? Good one. :D

Mata's good but not great, he's a v. good squad member, but i would rather see the better Silva in his left hand slot.
Are you joking DV7 or just purposely over-rating Mata :D, Mestalla's description fits him well, a good goalscorer who's in the right positions, he offers not much else.

Silva is the better player.
It seems like every has a go at Joaquin, leave him alone.
I don't get how you muppets like to compare our players and say one is better than the other, when they all play in different positions. Villa is a striker, Joaquin is a winger, Silva is a playmaking midfielder and Mata is some sort of forward :pp What's to comapare? :wth:

Put down the pipes I say :eek:
I thought we were comparing our love for our players not ability? :D

I wuv Joaquin. :heart:
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