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What to do in the summer?

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Well, now that where safe and stuff. Who do you want to keep, buy etc. Will we keep Villa, Silva, Joaquin? etc. Will Banega go? etc. All the crap for this vital summer can go here.

You can merge this shit with other thread if you want.

Now that are Real Zaragoza relegated, i want to raid there team even though where cheap fcuks.
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this is more to the ridiculous rumours thread IMO
Mestalla is the right person for this since he's a fúcker then :D
Yes I did, I said I preferred Nerry Castillo who was coming off an incredible Copa America or some Latin cup to Guiza, which was quite bad in hindsight, but to be fair a lot of people agreed back then.
Believe me...
You would NOT like Nery Castillo... Not at all...
Talentwise, yeah, he has all the tools but attitudewise, he totally stinks and I bet that he would moan crazy.

He's a big fúcking ego that only cares for himself and how he would score, dribble and all that stuff.
Do in the summer?
Probably most of them will party at Ibiza...
Marchena can play football
Never ever base a player on the euros, if so, then buy VASTIC!
1 - 6 of 230 Posts
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