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What to do in the summer?

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Well, now that where safe and stuff. Who do you want to keep, buy etc. Will we keep Villa, Silva, Joaquin? etc. Will Banega go? etc. All the crap for this vital summer can go here.

You can merge this shit with other thread if you want.

Now that are Real Zaragoza relegated, i want to raid there team even though where cheap fcuks.
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There, we can keep the thread now as I have changed the title :pp The rumours can go to the ridiculous rumours thread while we can discuss what steps we need to take to get back on top this summer, in here.
Personally, I think we should start with the management. I hope we can have a takeover soon which might change everything because Vicente Soriano (however an asshole he maybe) will have the financial backing of Juan Villalonga and the positive thing is that they are totally against selling of our players while having other plans to solve our financial crisis. True or not, those are their claims and we can't undersetimate Villalonga because we know he is loaded.

But if nothing changes (all the papers suggest something will), we need to keep as many players as we possibly can. I'd only willingly transfer guys like Caneira, Maduro, Helguera and the other 20 loanees we have exept Fernandes, Pablo and Aaron. But that's not being realistic as we need to make money, especially if Soler doesn't sign anything away.
Whatever happens I hope it happens soon, so we can be sure if we are able to hold on to our players or not. Otherwise we need all the time we can get this summer because we have to be very shrewd in the market, both in buying and in selling.

First thing we need to do after this management thing is handled is get a new coach although I wouldn't be sad if Voro stays because I haven't seen us play this good in ages :D
What about Del Horno?

Sell him?
If we cant afford to buy a decent replacement, I think we can give him a second chance here as I think think Bilboa isn't too keen on him either.

Moretti, Alexis and him can cover the LB position well enough until we get on our feet and be able to buy world class players again :thmbup:
All these players weren't bad. Zigic was decent whenever he played for us and he's a proven La Liga player. I wouldn't sell him for anything less than 12M Euros, he's worth the keep as Morientes and Villa will not probably be here in two years, each for different reasons.

Manelele and del Horny weren't given enough of a chance and the Portuguese brat has shown what he can do at Everton. Either we get our 18M Euros back (peanuts for an English team) or we keep the fcuk.

We need to keep as much quality as we possibly can to at least finish in the top six next season.
I agree with that list Los Che but I'd keep Edu, he has proven he has what it takes to be a CM for at least another season here. He distributes very well and he's been very professional even if people like Maduro get a midfield spot ahead of him, he hasn't caused any problems. If Baraja is staying, he's on bar. Baraja, Banega, Edu, Fernandes, and Sunny should be our midfield next season especially if Unai uses the 4-3-3 from time to time next season, there will be plenty of time for each midfielder to play.
Yeah I think he is the best DM we got at the moment but I forgot to mention him. Our only ball winning one until Sunny is given a chance.


Edu/Fernandes ---- Banega/Baraja​

Great choice of midfielders but a lot can change this summer as our management is prone to stupid decision making like they might keep Maduro, loan out Sunny and sell Edu :wallbang:
Mora's contract runs out and it won't be renewed I think and Caniera is probably on his way to Sporting. Now all have to do is get rid of Helguera and we will be fine, but there is a big chance he'll stay especially if we don't sign an experienced defender. I rather get David Navarro back who is supposed to have had a decent season at Mallorca :nervous:
The funny thing is, ValenciaCdef voted for Silva as the best midfielder in La Liga last season and was literally kissing his butt all last season long :pp


Tell me man, at 21 or whatever his age is, don't you think he can come back to his best? :wth: It's been one season where the whole team sucked but why pick only on him? Joaquin had a massive dip in form but would you contemplate selling him? No because you know what he is capable of, as you know what Silva is capable of.

We need to be patient he's done very well under anyone but Koeman. We've seen what he did under Quique, Aragones and Voro, so have some faith. It's ok to critisize from time to time but bashing and hating on one of our own players will make you go nuts (not that you aren't already) :pp

And fcuk yeah Joaquin is a legend, enough with this Silva vs Ximo thing, as Valencianistas we need to love them bastards all equally :proud:
PS: Really nice of you to dig up old shit.
Well you did it with that Guiza quote so this was payback :D

I don't think everyone in here is overating Silva this season, we all know this is not the best he can give and despite everything he has very good stats this season considering the season we had and is only inferior to Villa and Mata in that department.

He deserves critizism as do all the rest of the team, and I'm sure we have all critizised Albiol, Alexis and co, but bashing any of our players is a bit too much. It's when these muppets are down they need our support, not root for them when they play well and then say fcuk 'em when they lose form :pp

Overated or not, we need all off Silva, Joaquin, Miguel, Albiol, Villa and co. to be back where we once were and I have a feeling we won't understand the talent we have until the well runs dry :depress:
You didn't say anything wrong bout Guiza, you just wrote we're after him for 4 m euros.
Yes I did, I said I preferred Nerry Castillo who was coming off an incredible Copa America or some Latin cup to Guiza, which was quite bad in hindsight, but to be fair a lot of people agreed back then.

Very good stats?
He practically takes every corner (Villa used to), and plays every ****ing game. He's bound to get numbers.
He has made at least 8 or 9 assists and scored 8 goals. Not bad for a midfielder who is said to be having his worst season ever. And tell me how many of those assists came from corners? On top of my head, I can only remember that Alexis goal in the Copa final.

He doesn't take the corners alone too as Mata and Joaquin also share the responsibility.

And football isn't about numbers, cause if so then Eto'o would be considered a better striker than Villa (take that Osman, I know you're reading).
I read somewhere (can't remember if it was Las Pro or Superdeporte) that after his Levante hattrick, David Villa is the best striker in La Liga if you combine his stats for the last three seasons, so stats prove David is better when the last three season's stats are concerned. Check 'em out for yourself ;)

Yes he does, I personally have said a million times he's not having the best of seasons. Maybe what you mean is he NEVER GETS CONSTANTLY BASHED and he doesn't deserve to either, no player does as it doesn't help anything. If you're going to do it, you should at least be fair and do the same to Joaquin who is having a worse season, but that would be just wrong.
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Friki said:
Believe me...
You would NOT like Nery Castillo... Not at all...
Talentwise, yeah, he has all the tools but attitudewise, he totally stinks and I bet that he would moan crazy.

He's a big fúcking ego that only cares for himself and how he would score, dribble and all that stuff.
Yeah I know, I'm not talking about now, I was talking about way back then, ofcourse I prefer Guiza to Castillo now and we could've earned us 27 goals extra this season :pp

TheGuyWhoseCatGotRapedBySilva said:
He's not having the best of seasons, the harsh criticism
C'mon, I'm sure I've said Silva sucks sometime this season :D
Great, we have one anti-Joaquin and other anti-Silva, but both extreme Villa fanboys. What happened to the days when we were nothing but gay Valencia fanboys? :sweeteye: :proud:

Don't make me call the Ultra Yomus on you muppets :D :nervous:
Wow, 7000 posts of total nonsense, how does it feel man? :D :proud:

So tell me, who do you think we can realistically replace Silva with considering our limited finances? And we have to be better off with him in the next decade than David. He needs to be someone as young, as talented, as good looking and as versitile as Silva :pp Like him, at 20, he needs to have been voted the best midfielder in his league and in his worst season he leads you to a Copa and averages 9 assists and 8 goals :shades:

So according to you, TGWCGRBS, who can we realistically sign? :D
del Horno will not continue at Athletic, even the Basques don't want his ass :dielaugh:

I'd call him back because there is no way a team would buy del Horny for 3 Million Euros (his buyout clause). He can't possibly be worse that Caneira, no one is (what the fcuk was Quique thinking :wth: :howler:).
Yeah it's true that Banega has had off the pitch issues but strangely enough a possible departure hasn't been talked about as much as those of Joaquin, Silva and Villa. Even Moretti is recieving more transfer news than Ever in the Valencia press.

I don't think he's on the transfer list unless Unai says so, and hopefully he won't.
Fcuk all of you :finger: I like all of Silva, Joaquin and Vicente blindly and as long as they are wearing that white shirt, I'm a support them all :stuckup:

And finally, fcuk Atletico :ass:
Yeah guys like me, chester and donjuan are not into that player fanboy mentality of yours. We're more like sucker Valencia fanboys :stuckup:

Oh and :finger: El Guaje :pp

But he's cool for the moment, as long as he hasn't worn another shirt yet :D
So what's your solution if Silva stays? Mata can't be dropped, ESPECIALLY in a 4-3-3.

I think there is a bigger chance of Villa leaving now then Silva IMO so here's my realistic lineup:

Miguel - Albiol - Alexis - Moretti
Banega ---- Silva
Joaq/Pablo ------------ Mata

Sergio Garcia in for Joaquin if Betis boy is sold (unlikely).

From the few games I've seen Almeria, Emery likes the Barcelona 4-1-2-3 with two CMs infront of the DM as opposed to Koeman's version of 4-3-3 which was 4-2-1-3 where Silva played infront of a double pivot.
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