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what the f***

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Trapattoni speaks about his players
MILAN, April 7 - by Nadia Carminati (DS)
Yesterday in Verbania Giovanni Trapattoni answered the numerous questions of the supporters' concerning the list of the players he'll take to World Cup.
The doors are closed for Ferrara and Hubner due to their age. He also practically confirmed his decision not to call Roberto Baggio: "I had a big consideration for him, but unfortunately he got injured. It's really difficult thinking about his recovery when in a month we have to be ready for trainings", he said.
Then he praised Gattuso and said he had almost decided which forwards he will call, that's to say Vieri, Inzaghi, Delvecchio and Montella. There is a question mark about Del Piero: the doubt, as daily "La Stampa" wrote today, is that he won't play a big end of season and there could be also the possibility he couldn't take the flight to Japan. There are other occasions for him to convince Trapattoni (5 championship matches and the two leg of Italian Cup finals).
"He considers himself a forward," Trapattoni said. "And I can't impose him another role".

Is Trap concidering to leave DP home? He should be a starter! Or will he be a chicken sh*t and won't he dare to play a creative squad.

BTW what has Delvecchio what DP doesn't have ???
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Delvecchio is a better cover for Vieri as a target man, and has alot of redit from the EURO- which sadly can't be said for Alex.

I'm quite certain Del Piero will be on the plain regardless of everything if he doesn't injure himself.

Whether he should start is another question, as I think it's hard to top Montella and Vieri currently. Del Piero should surely play a role just the same, and with taht kind of competition, both fans and DP himself should be satisfied with that.

Couldn't have said it any better than Glen.
Del Piero is a given if injuries spare him.
Glen said:
Delvecchio is a better cover for Vieri as a target man, and has alot of redit from the EURO- which sadly can't be said for Alex.

Well that pisses me off. DP played well at Euro 2000 except in the final.

And Delvecchio isn't a cover for Vieri: Vieri scores. If Delvecchio is an option of playing in the forwardline, then Tacchinardi is too
Thanx Nyuka:

Trapattoni phones Del Piero

After various articles on today's papers, regarding Del Piero's and the National team, Trapattoni phoned the Juventus player and criticised what was written on the papers, denying to have ever made those allegations about Del Piero.
I'm sure Alex will go. As for Delvecchio, he's an embaressment. He's never a real threat, works hard alright, but nothing more.
he has to go to japan and he has to play as well. he is the only forward we have who can create.

totti is a playmaker and watching him play upfront shows how lost he is at that position.

montella is an out an out striker, like vieri, and del vecchio is just plain ****!!

if del piero doesnt come to japan, italy will not win a thing!!

and del vecchio can try hard and work hard and so on, but in the end, if his hard work isnt good enough, why is he there?

vieri is a pure striker who scores every week. del vecchio is a forwrda who never scores, never creates! all he does is just run and get called offside all the time.

del piero
di vaio

they should be the forwards brought over!
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