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On paper that is ??

Ok let´s say that Roma get´s all the guys they are after ( Samuel not theirs yet, Emerson not theirs yet ) then they´d be pretty scary to face.


Pro´s: I feel that their will be a totally different vibe in the Roma squad this season - we have the squad to win everything. Batigol, Emerson, Nakata, Totti, Candela, Samuel, Montella, Delvecchio, Cafu, Assuncao .... looks like an amazing squad to me.

Cons: To many new faces might disrupt some harmony and it takes some time to make them play like a team. Too many south american players in the squad, players that will be very tired after the WC qualifications ( same goes for Lazio ). Seems like Brazilian players are having serious trouble coping with the european winters ( atlest that´s the feeling I get watching them play, and when was time Brazil played great football in europe ?? ).


Pro´s: If Davids and Zidane can recharge their batteries after Euro2000, Juve will boost a very impressive inner midfield. Zambrotta on the wing however has failed to show any signs progress and must be considered a wildcard at the start of the season. Tacchinardi will be rested but that´s about it :) Juve have alot of players in different competitions but not many are south american which might give them an edge at the start of the season. Juve has already signed the bigger part of the new transfers and that will give the club further confidence and stability.

Cons: It´s impossible to predict how Euro2000 will have effected the players. Zidane might come back to Turin with the confidence of 19485 lions but it´s not impossible that he will feel a sense of " post orgasmic apathy " and act according ( both guys and girls know what I talk about ). Same goes for Davids - is he happy that he was the best defensiv midfielder and that Holland played some of the best football in a championship or does he feel " damn I can´t win why try :) " It´s not impossible however it´s improbable. There are alot of Juve players in Euro2000 and I´m sure that players like lulliano, del piero, conte and Zambrotta won´t be 100% happy even though Italy is in the final. Inzaghigate will also need to be solved and his relationship with Del Piero which looks very shaky from a viewers point of view.


Pros: Revenge - I´m sure that the Parma players will be keen to show that injuries kept them from a real challenge last season.

Cons: Many new players, new playmaker, might lose morale if they won´t get a great start.


Pros: Squad firmly intact and the player complaining about the rotationsystem ( Almeyda is gone ). C Lopez ( best counter attacking player the past 2 seasons and in my eyes the best segunda punta in the game today. Segunda punta = Second striker, should be fast, technical and make great assists to a finisher ). Peruzzi will be an added 10% stability at the back.

Cons: T-U-R-B-O-L-E-N-C-E !!!! Lazio has been a rollercoaster ride in the media and press lately and it´s up to the management to make sure everybody stays focused and doesn´t pay attention. Lazio would benifit from a person that wouldn´t have to keep repeating each day that the players in the squad are not for sale. Who will play in defence Miha or Couto ?? ALMEYDA IS GONE :( !!!! :( !!!! South american players will be very tired after the WC qualies. Who will partner C Lopez ?? Can Baronio take over after Almeyda ?? Euro2000 hangover ??


Pros: Well right now I can´t really find to many pros in favour of Milan.

Cons: I´m not really sure what to make of this team and of the management. Ok fursure Milan can score alot of goals but who´s gonna be playmaker ?? Boban ?? Gattuso has halted in his progress and is a wild wildcard, Serghino has shown to be all about speed and nothing else. Guly is not stable at all and really not a player that would wear a Milan jersey normally. Jose Mari might become great but he´s not a first choice starter and the same goes for Bierhoff and his failure to impress last season and on. Ambrosini is a good defensiv midfielder but he´s only good nothing Lazio/Juve/Inter/Parma/Roma would pick in a first 11. And we won´t even talk about Albertini :)

So Milan are left with the same problems that every other team are struggeling with the same problems that everyone else but added to that they have on paper a squad that´s going to have a hard time in both CL and Serie A. However I expect all this to change and Milan will move on the transfermarket soon.


Pros: NONE :) Kidding. It´s hard to predict Inter since they will surely buy a couple of players and if the squad e.g Vieri stays fit anything could happen. Without Vieri I predict a similar performance as last season.

Cons: Now that Inter are playing in CL they will find much more difficult then when they only had to focus on the leage.

I´m leaving Viola and Udinese out of the discussion because I can´t really see them winning lo Scudetto anytime soon. Udinese will probably lose Fiore and maybe Jorgensen and other players will follow. These players will be replaced with the same excellence as they have been earlier and Udinese will keep playing wonderful football at times.

Viola ?? Maybe exciting maybe not. Morfeo will be reclaimed and he´s a great player the new coach is fresh from a triumph ( Uefa cup winner )there will be huge pressure on the next forward to replace Bati - but my advice to him would be - don´t try to replace Bati just try to do the best you can.

Scudetto stays in Rome

I am sure thet scudetto will stay in Rome( i hope in Lazio)
but Roma will be strong.
As for Juve and Parma they will be good as always.

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Well, I think the real competitors will be Roma, Inter and Parma. But i am pretty shure scudetto stays at "home" :p

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I cant wait to give a detailed account on my thoughts on this, but I feel I'll have to wait until we get the full transfer picture. Some teams are not done yet, and many rabbits can be pulled from the respective presidents hats.
As before I see Juve, Lazio and Parma as the strongest while I must admit I cant see anyone but Juve or Lazio lifting Lo scudetto.
Roma has a killer starting line-up, but that's that. You can't win without quality subs, and Roma's power-offense will in my opinion be negated by their shabby defence. Aldair and Zago ? Please.
Inter- I refuse to speculate on Inter- I never busied myself with impossible tasks :).
Milan- Agree with svennis. What's going on ?
Juve has the most complete squad concerning depth, most noticably backup strenght in all areas, while Lazio has more firepower, but no defensive cover right now. Will Nesta's magic be enough ?
Parma- Contrary to what AMO will say- Parma WILL somehow choke at the death. Looks like a splendid team, but they do not have the midfield of Lazio and Juve and that will hurt them. They've done alot to better themselves though, and they will have to be taken seriously.

Surprise team of the season: NAPOLI :). I can't help hoping they'll do well.


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We really know NOTHING.Parma,Juve and Lazio have somehow shaped but we cant say what will happen with Crespo yet.Also Morrati will not let a summer pass without a great buy...long way to go so I cant really say.
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