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Soccer fans here is a team that needs help in the worst way, they lost their biggest star in years, Batigol. Toldo and Rui Costa want out, but the new coach and ownership are doing their best to convince them to stay. Their biggest areas of need are defense and midfield, and they certainly don't lack the economic power to patch their team up, to respectability. Here is what I would do to bring Fiorentina the shine it had with Batigol:
- I would go after some defenders such as Kuffour (Bayern Munich) Lebouf and Desailly (Chelsea) Reizeger and Zenden (Barcellona)
- the midfield needs help, and I would go after guys like: Petit and Vieira (Arsenal) Jugovic and Cauet (Inter) Luccin (O.Marseille) Galca (Espaynol) Felipe (Vasco de Gama)
- strikers, I know they recently aquired Morfeo from Verona, Franca is on the way, and hopefully Mijatovic and Chiesa can get back to the form of a couple of years ago. One guy I wish they would be after is Rebrov, Im not sure if he has already transferred to another team, really I like Trezeguet, but his the surprise Agnelli was talking about, I bet, or even Anelka...if all else fails. So anyway, Im not a Fiorentina fan, but that is one team I wouldn't mind seeing do well, so I think it will be interesting to see if Cecchi Gori can save Fiorentina after Batigol leaves town which pissed off many fans, and will leave some big shoes to fill....I wanna hear what you guys think!!
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