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What really pisses me off...

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It is arrogance, complacency.And when I saw bets for next year's CL by William Hill (thought to be the best bookmaker in the world) I got mad.The dominance, impressive games in the knock-out stage, sheer brilliance of the Real's attacking play, no it was not enough.So the biggest favourites win next year's CL are, guess who: Barcelona.And Real, oh well they're behind Juventus, Manchester and Lazio (I'm not sure if I dropped anyone).No matter, let them be favourites and we will win it, like this year...
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Would you believe it that at the beginning of this season in august 99 the odds for Real to winning the CL were a whopping 50-1!!!if anyone had bet on Real, they would have been rich now...

Forza Magico Milan!
Hala Madrid!
Allez Les Bleus!
Arriba Espana!

The world will be...Rossonero...Again!
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