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Lauren is signed.Alex is a mystery.We have several sourcess claiming that he is signed and others he is not.

What I suspect is that Alex will sing only if we fail to get something "bigger".I think that Tanzi has him on "stand-by" while he is fishing for a biggest fish.If we get someone like Rui Costa or Nakata Alex will stay put and join us next year unless we use him as a swap.On the other hand,if we cant sign the big fish,Alex will be our play-maker.Not bad huh? the key is that Alex can be a certainty as long as we want.He knows he is going to play for Parma someday,whether this will be from the summer,next year or in January.

I have also heard that they will wait another year so he gets an EU passport.Well,thats an ideal scenario.

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
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