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What players are fun to watch this year?

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For me, Salvio (Lanus kid), the comeback of Moralez (I feel happy for him, foe feeling good again), Hauche...whom else?
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Mambru Angelleri is having a good season too, there you have, I've talked about a defender!
yeap...he is, he had some injures, Argentinos ain't precisly lightining up the league, but I'm biased and he allways is entertaining to watch...even when I watched him live in the Hackers league that are the lower divisions in Argieland...even there he dared to try fancy stuff...a looney with balls.
BTW I forgot Morel from tigre, this fella is having a hell of a season (he can even be named the ebst player this season) and Cagna, who was a coach in the field, is so far a great coach in the sideline...Tigre is an small, but very good team.
I forgot to say about the argie league..my fault

in which she spent asking "what is Argentina wearing"?
next time? be more argie and answer: "I dunno what they are wearing, but I perfectly know what you are not going to wear now..come to daddy that I'm going to make at least 5 goals wearing your shirt"...more or less like that.
damn, no puedo versear en ingles, que idioma del orto...no tiene poesia
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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