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There are some incoherent thing that Moggi has done. I am assuming that what he said about the Juve transfer window being already closed is real.

1. Letting Fonseca stay: That is one of the stupidest things to do. After all, Fonseca has not played for a long time now, he is old, and his level has fallen quite a lot. Dumb thing to do, we could have kept Esnaider instead of Fonseca.

2. Not signing a left winger: Like many have said, pessotto has the "guts" but not the capability to be a starting Juve player. We obviously need a left winger, someone like Athirson, while Pessotto could be his back up.

3. Not reinforcing the midfield: The midfield is practically unchanged, with only O'neill and Brighi coming in. Last year's midfield was great, but, you never know. Conte is ageing, Davids didn't have such a good Euro...

4.Not loaning out some players: In my opinion, the rumours about us loaning out some of our players, like Igor Tudor and some from the primavera squad sounded great, because that way these young players could have had more playing time, acquired more experience and learnt more. Then, after one or two seasons we would call them back and they would be able to play top class football. Instead, these rumours have died out...

5. Keeping some useless players: By saying useless I mean players like Birindelli, Fonseca himself, BAchini, etc. I am not saying they are bad players, but what is the point of keeping them if they will almost certainly not play? If Moggi had let them go, then both the players and the club would be benefited (less salaries for Juve, more playing time for those guys).

6. Consolidating a sponsorship with Lotto and ciaoweb: Juv is such a bid team that it doesn't deserve to have a Lotto shirt. All Juve will win in I think two years from this sponsorship is 22 million pounds, not even twice Trezeguet's value. This way, I think Juve wont be able to keep on being in the top 5 list of the richest teams in the world (currently #3 or 4)

On the other hand, the good things Moggi has done:

1.Signing Treseguet: Juve again demonstrated that whichever big name they sign, that big name IS really good. I give merit to Moggi who even agreed to give 14 million pounds for Trezeguet, an amount of money he doesn't usually agree to spend. I also give merit to the scouts who tracked Trezeguet. Their eyes must be better than an eagles:).

2. Keeping Zidane: Zizou didn't have a good second half of the last Serie A season, but he had an excellent Euro, and in my opinion is already in the fight for Fifa world player of 2000-01. Moggi trusted in him, and now that trust has paid off, or will pay off.

3. Signing Paramatti and Zanchi: Paramatti was a good purchase, since he really plays with his heart. Buying him and Zanchi will ensure us a defence as good as last season's or an even better one (although it doesn't get much better than that:)).

4. Keeping Inzaghi: Many will be against this, but we have to know that Inzaghi scores an average of 25 goals per season, and even though he misses another 30, that is a very high average. Apart from that, his dives will give us many goals too.

5.Keeping Davids: You guys all know how important Davids is.

6. Mantaining Juve at the top of the European clubs: By saying this I mean that no matter how tight fisted Moggi might be, he has always made sure that we kinda keep up with other top teams like Manchester U., Real Madrid, Lazio, in every area. These areas include economic sector, big name sector(famous players. Juve signs at least one top class player each season, this time it was Treseguet) and popularity sector(that mantains itself alone!!!:))

If I could modify Moggi's mid, I would: MAke him a more generous person to spend more, make him sign more south american players, and not only from Uruguay(Fonseca, Montero, O'neill), and make him order Ancelotti to give the captain amband to Davids:).

Ciao, and please do express yourselves in your replies, but in a sensible and peaceful manner.

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Good topic supergeo.

To some extent I agree with you, but let me just mention the times I disagree to get this one going.

1- Fonseca staying. I agree that Fonseca ought to go, but it's impossible to say his level has fallen as he didn't play ONE single match in the 1999-2000 season !
Obviously he's not the easiest player to sell then (although I thought he was on the verge to sign with Sporting).

2- Not signing a left wing. The transfer season isn't over is it ? FORGET that Moggi said we wouldn't buy other players. It's BULL!

3- O'Neill is a GREAT player! We already had an awesome midfield. It's been improved now (Maresca is more accustomed to juve now as well), and we're still waiting for that ATHIRSON who is more than likely to complete our midfield and make it the definate best in the world (seriously I mean that :)).

4- Not loaning out players. Those decisions won't be taken before the end of the transfer season. They seldom do with Juve. We find out where a player could mature- which clubs would actually use or players- and before those decisions are taken we need to see who everybody buys. Expect Rigoni and Sculli to be loaned out. I heard Lavecchia has allready been loaned out (don't remember his destination right now).

5- Not getting rid og of the useless players. I believe Bachini is being kept until a deal is made with a player like Athirson. We can't sell our backup before we have another one. Fonseca should go I agree. Birindelli loves Juve- will provide cover for all eventualities and will stay with us even if he don't get ONE SINGLE SERIE A GAME!
I don't mind keeping him at all. As long as he's not making any fuss about it.

6- Sponsor thing. 22 million£ is not bad at all :)!
Remember that it's not a 5 year deal. We can change it in two years again and the prizes are sure to up.
Don't worry about Juve losing it's position. Only Man.U has a more healthy economy, but our buying power is bigger still. Lazio and Barca have more buying power, but unlike most other topteams we're actaully earning money even when we're not winning anything. Juventus is only getting started with the new business campaign. In a few years we'll have our own stadium, be on the borsa and both with a fantastic economic foundation. We're top of the pops in this region. DON'T WORRY :).
Whether Lotto is suitable or not... You could be right, but I don't really care for those things I gotta admit :).


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I also agree with certain things.

Fonseca, Esnaider and maybe Pessotto should have been gone. Pessotto should go to a club where he will be more useful as a left back instead of a left midfielder. Plus, Juve should buy better players on that left.

The new signings were great. We strengthened every part of the team. We needed more central defenders instead of full backs. We got rid of Mirkovic (full back) and bought Zanchi and Parramatta, two good defenders.

The midfield which is already good has O'Neill in it now, a player who played great and proved taht he has what it takes to be a class midfielder in Serie A.

For strikers we are fine at the moment but the inclusion of maybe Salas and Cassano would be good. And getting rid of Inzaghi would be even better. I know he scores 25 goals a season but Salas would score 50 goals at Juve. Pippo misses too much.

But that left midfield role is a major problem. Bachini is good but not the best. Pessotto i have already mentioned. Athirson is hyped a lot but has he got what it takes to play in Serie A.

Most of all i think Moggi has done well but i can't see him stop buying players now. He knows we need a large squad to compete in the Champions League and Serie A.

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What is the thing about the borsa, Glen or whoever knows? I never quite understood it. Does it have something to do with stocks or what?

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yep supergeo it has something to do with stocks as it will be Juve stock that you will be buying when Juve goes on the stock exchange...that's actually a bit risky and i guess that's why Juve is waiting so that they have a solid economic ground before going all out...
Well i wonder how much it will cost but i wouldn't mind owning Juve stock and get the dividends at the end of the year
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