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well first and foremost i would liek to apologize for not keeping my promise of fixing Juve for you......i am very sorry not only for me as a human being having to witness Antonio COnte's death defying-stomach wrentching smile but for you Lazio fans who had so much riding on the game.....

Also for YOU!!!! guys having to see the annoying as hell death-defying stomach wrentching smile of Antonio Conte.

But onto my story :) :) :)
yes and what i am saying that Lazio lacks is what every other big Serie A club has in its ranks.

milan Shevchenko
Roma Montella
Parma Amoroso
Viola Mijatovic
INTER ChinoRecoba and R9
Juventus Del Piero

The thing Lazio doesn't have like Real Madrid is genuine pace up front!!!!!!

Sure its there in midfield and defence but not in attack.

Salas is not too fast and teh rest are all snails. Pace s what you need.....

Pace cometh in the form of Lopez and pace on top of pace and then some more.....

I'll enjoy watching you guys pump Roma's pathetic defenc next season......

p.s. i always cheer for Lazio in Rome derbies once a Roma victory woldn't help INTER.......so.......does everyone like me now? :) :) :)

As i said before.....only today....FORZA LAZIO

fingers crossed

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