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The U.S. population is somewhere in the neighborhood of 300,000,000, yet we are
unable to compete with much smaller nations on a football pitch. Some people have
suggested that this is because our best athletes are being siphoned off into football, baseball, basketball, etc.

I think this is crap, for two reasons. First of all, it implies that a team like Germany (for example) can beat the U.S. consistently (in matches that matter) because they have better athletes on the field. Is that really the reason why we lost in France? Because Germany had better athletes?

Secondly, it implies that the athletes who go into the other major sports might have made it as professional soccer players. Well... football players and basketball players both
tend to be much too large to be much good at soccer, don't you agree? So we aren't really losing a lot of players to the Chicago Bulls and the Dallas Cowboys.

So then....what is the problem with U.S. Soccer? Please reply to my e-mail account: [email protected]

Thanks, Tom Hutton

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soccerdude, although you have a clue to your own answer, the whole thing is based on experience and support!

experience: the usa is competing with leagues that are 80+ yrs old...MLS is and infant. Tradition and fan support counts by 70% in the international scenes.

Do not panic....the USA is about to make the top 20th countries in the world. close to chile or colombia or Russia!
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