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In my opinion there are very few world class players these days. There is tons of potential from young players no doubt, but few are stepping up to be on the way to legendary status. There are many wasted players like Recoba who have become the nearlymen of football.
Defining world class is a difficult task also. Do we measure by the achievements and styles of legends of old or by the way the game has evolved and which players have prospered in this evolution?
For me players like Zanetti, Figo, Carlos, Raul, Del Piero are all GENUINE world class players. Consistent, reliable and probably in a lot of peoples Dream XI, I like to judge players on their own merit. You may point to trophies, but Cruyff never won a world cup. These players and others like them have also adapted to the way the game has changed in their careers and I believe many of them could play in any era.
Give Messi, Ronaldo, Aguero ect a decade and call them World class but not yet imo. What is your take on world class? Who is/n't?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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