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What is going on??

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The season is over...treble dream has turned to treble disaster. It defies logic...how can you go winning 9 in a row then all of a sudden lose 4 in a row (and counting) conceding 12 goals?? Absolutely ridiculous.
At this point, even though I've defended VG in this forum, I can't have much argument if fans want him sacked. It goes to show, to be a top manager you must have not only sound tactical knowledge and judgement, you have to be a good man manager as well. VG has been terrible in the last count.
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What the f*** is going on?????????????
This MUST be some kind of a coincidence!!!
I don't think VG should leave before everything is finished...
I STILL believe that Barsa will pass Chelsea!
(if they lose 0:3 I'll kill somebody!)
It's even worse than Atletico...
They still have a chance on winning the Copa del Rey... :(
This is certainly the biggest crisis we ever had with VG.
This is the only chance we have got, and as the CL is the most important to us, so Barca if won it we can forgive our lost of La Liga as well as copa del Rey if we knocked out.
I think we have to win the CL (if possible :eek:), we have to hope Real doesn't win the Copa, and we have to end higher in La Liga than Real, and try to qualify for next year's CL.
I feel sorry for yuo guys! Just look at your comments. I almost thought i was in the Atletico de Madrid forum :) :) :) :eek: :eek:;o ;) ;) ;)
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