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The season is over...treble dream has turned to treble disaster. It defies logic...how can you go winning 9 in a row then all of a sudden lose 4 in a row (and counting) conceding 12 goals?? Absolutely ridiculous.
At this point, even though I've defended VG in this forum, I can't have much argument if fans want him sacked. It goes to show, to be a top manager you must have not only sound tactical knowledge and judgement, you have to be a good man manager as well. VG has been terrible in the last count.

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What the f*** is going on?????????????
This MUST be some kind of a coincidence!!!
I don't think VG should leave before everything is finished...
I STILL believe that Barsa will pass Chelsea!
(if they lose 0:3 I'll kill somebody!)
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