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What is a schwalbe?

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Schwalbe is a German word, because the Germans always do schwalbes. When players dive or fall onto the ground and they where not touched by their opponent they made a "schwalbe".

for example Figo and Matthaus make schwalbes very often

BTW what is the english word for this?
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Ramon like fake fall in english ? I dont know the one word for that... Acting maybe :cool::cool:
Ramon, I think everybody understands what a schwalbe is, everybody has seen Divo...

Adriaan, I think your reply, thought its the first, everybody would have said the same...;)

According to a translator:
( http://www.dictionary.com/translate/ ) schwalbe means ''swallow'' in English.

( so, now you know what to ask your gf to do in German...hehe ;) )
Diving, isn't it?


Michel, your right.
Against Turkey he showed his diving skills to the whole world:)
Actually it has a little bit of the opposite of diving, as diving is like going straight down. Schwalbe, in case you did not know, is a bird with very high air navigation skills. So doing the Schwalbe is the art of going up in the air a bit, like being pushed, and then sailing spectacularly to the ground. As, already stated, in Divo Inzaghi.
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