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What Irish players would you have on what teams?

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In an ideal world we would be all powerful and could bend our will to any task. So if you had the power to transfer certain Irish players to teams that you think would be good for them where would they go

In particularily players who have transfer rumours attached to them or who arn't getting a lot of time at their present club. Included is just a possible list but choose anyone you like:

Rob. Keane
Finnan etc etc etc.
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Mmmmm. Interesting

It doesn't really matter where he plays because he is so good. I hope he does not go to an Italian club though because the defenders would brutalise him over there.

Would like to see Robbie play for a team like Spurs or Fulham as they are quick passing teams. Robbie is so lively and creative that he would slot in really well. I think he would be great for a team like Arsenal aswell.

I think he will sign for ManU in the summer. I have seen a few articles in respectable papers saying that Fergie sees Finnan as the perfect right back for ManU. Sweet.

Dunno about McPhail. I think he needs time to build up his confidence so a spell with a division one team might do him good. O'Leary seems to think he needs to become physically stronger aswell so he could do with a bit of wait training.

I'd like to see these guys sign for bigger clubs - especially Kinsella. He's a fantastic player and would not look out of place in a Liverpool shirt. Hope Holland goes back to Newcastle after the World Cup - especially if Ipswich get relegated.
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