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What Irish players would you have on what teams?

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In an ideal world we would be all powerful and could bend our will to any task. So if you had the power to transfer certain Irish players to teams that you think would be good for them where would they go

In particularily players who have transfer rumours attached to them or who arn't getting a lot of time at their present club. Included is just a possible list but choose anyone you like:

Rob. Keane
Finnan etc etc etc.
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Duff-The Duffster needs to play for a very fast paced team. Idealy I'd love to see Duff go to Spain but that certainly isn't a path many Irish folk have taken. Idealy I'd love to see him play at Celta Vigo, there a fast exciting team who need a youth injection. More realistically I'd like to see him at Chelsea who play a more un-english cosmopoloton style.

Keane-Spurs. Because I love Spurs because there fast and exciting and because he'd have no problems getting time.

McPhail-I think McPhail is quite talented but he just can't play in England anymore, England is too physical and he's a finness player. I could see him in Portugal maybe with Boavista.

Finnan-It would be cool if he would go to Man U. but I don't know if he would be guarenteed of a start. I could see him in Newcastle with a guarenteed start.

Holland-I think he needs to move to a bigger club to really get his career into gear whether he starts or not. I could see him in Liverpool.

Roy Keane-Well he does fit so nicely into Man U. but if he ever did decide to leave I could see him slotting into Inter quite nicely. He had a seriously offer from them when he was considering a move. I wish he had taken it, I hate Manure and like Inter.
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1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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