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HOLA to all Barca fans and lovers..

its my 1st ever thried to write in this forum and I hope it would be as good as I wish.

I wanted to post my view of what happening in the Transfer window this season, and how its all going on for other teams, and what is going on with barcelona!?

we wanted a DM - Defender - Striker - winger :yawn:

there was a lot of roumers and names that will make about 100 list that linked to the team in the coming winter break and the transfer window opened
and all we see it, NO-NO-NO!!! :sweeteye: :sweeteye: :sweeteye:

we was linked to players for loan!! :glasses:

ok we have a great squad but that was befor the injuries cricies that strcok the team, from the start of the season.

Takinardi - Anelka - Crew - and the list go on till we see the name of Iaquinta !! :hangover: :hangover:

and we see other teams signed players and they played already with thier new teams.

Liverpool signed Belligrino and Morientes and they are playing in thier derby against Man. United.

Real "shit" madrid signed the great danish Gravesen, whom I see is the best choise that Barca fail to gain with 3.5 Million, while we are hunting and old Italian as Takinardi that could cost us 4 Million!! :hangover: :frownani:

so in this case we are talking about losing a lot in the coming 2 weeks
we'll need to sign a good striker plus a good DM or Defender, and no matter how much it cost, cause winning titles will gain us money.

if we think about dept that the team used to be in, we should have faith that the team will go throw it this time also.

so the question that buts it self in front of us all as Barca fans is

1- are we need a new signing for good or a player for loan for the coming part of the season?

2- as we see players are saying "NOOO!!!" for loan specialy they know they are talking about Barcelona, what is the right choise in this case?

3- are we in the part that we need to cut of some of our on-loan players and get them back to Camp Nou? "Sergio Garcia, Saviola, Oscar Loperz"

and I hope this thried isn't the last I wrigt, and I'm sorry for the too much english miss spelling :)

with all love and respect :heart: :thmbup:

Barca King

Visca el Barca

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I know I've been away for sometime.

yet when I ment we need Sergio Garcia, for on reason is that we couldn't buy any new player
at least we should have one sub. for ETO'O or GUILY,

Inesta is more in midfield than being attacking choise, at least we could use Sergio Garcia in the Attacking right for some reason, I think this player just need a good coach like Rijakrd to deal with em.

and for the choises that tha club putting on the table in the main time, aren't working fine, so we should use what we can, we have too meny big games, and a lot to do in the coming 5 monthes, specialy in the CL

I'll say the team should push it up faster.

and in these days, there is couple of names I've seen coming up

Albartini the Italian player former AC Milan and Atelitco Madrid player!

and still we couldn't have a say about Iquinta??

I wish things go faster and smother for Barca In the coming weeks

with all love and respect

Barca King

Visca el Barca
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