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I thought i could share this, quite interesting hypothesis;


Ronaldinho's current dip in form is the subject of intense speculation on the Iberian peninsula.

Apparently the Brazilian maestro and FIFA World Player of the Year spent the winter break with his personal trainer doing fitness work on the sandy beaches of Cataluna and Brazil, against the instructions of his club.

According to sources of Marca, the Spanish sports daily, training on sand, whilst good for building muscle and fitness levels, can be detrimental to your speed and sharpness.

These are the qualities that Ronaldinho relies on for his potency and, significantly, has been lacking in recent matches.

Whether the diagnosis is accurate or not, Ronaldinho's form is worrying.

Rijkaard has been trying to encourage his star player and relieve him of the pressure that he is under to recapture the form that astounded the football world during the second half of last season.
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