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Actually I think this is a worth-thinking scenario. This "what if..." is something about the future so something can be done to AnticipatE this, should this happen! I won't call it pessimism, and I wouldn't dismiss the possibility of Crespo getting badly injured as well! Football is highly unpredictable and (almost) anything is possible!

Expect for the worst, hope for the best. Let's not rely too much on Crespo next season. Don't forget we still have other strikers and it would be great to see many Lazio players scoring like they did last season instead of just the striker :)

So that's what I think : don't rely too much on Crespo next season! Our reliance on Veron last season was rather dangerous - when he played badly, we did as well! Instead, the rest of the players should do the best next season!
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