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I had this idea of starting this thread where I want to inform you (you can also inform me though ;) ) about our former players and what they are doing at the moment. Obviously, players like Buffon, Cannavaro or Crespo are well known and I dont need to say what they currently do, but what about the several less known players...? Do you know what they all do?
I will try to find out for you :)

I start from the season I have started to support Parma, 1995/96:

Luca Bucci (GK/ITA/born in 69)
He played for us from 94 to 98, then left for Torino where he stayed until 2003. Then he joined Empoli who reeased the keeper this summer. Bucci is currently without club.

Giovanni Galli (GK/ITA/58)
Galli was a keeper legend who played for Fiorentina for long years. He played for them, Milan, Napoli and Torino before joining us as the last station of his carreer. Galli, who also played 19 NT matches, is currently technical manager of Fiorentina.

Gianluigi Buffon (GK/ITA/78)
We all know...He left us for Juventus in 2001 and became the best keeper in the world.

Luigi Apolloni (DEF/ITA/67)
He only played for Reggiana before joining us at the age of 20 in 1987. Great defender who played for years and years for us and won almost everything. Stopped playing in 1999 and now is our team manager.

Fernando Couto (DEF/POR/69)
Couto played for us from 94 to 96, then joined Barcelona and later Lazio, where he is still playing at the age of 35. Is the portuguese player with most NT matches of all the time.

Lorenzo Minotti (DEF/ITA/67)
Great defender who played for us from 87 to 97, then joined Cagliari and later went to Serie B side Torino to finish his carreer there. He is now technical manager in Parma.

Massimo Susic (DEF/ITA/67)
A funny story, since Susic joined and left us for 5 (!) times. In 1996 he joined Cremonese but than came back to play with us for two other seasons. After that he played for Treviso and finished his carreer there. Actually, Susic is the coach of the Allievi (youth side) of Triestina Calcio.

Marcello Castellini (DEF/ITA/73)
He left us for Perugia, then later joined Sampdoria and Bologna before coming back to us last season. He played pretty well and again left us for Sampdoria, where he is currently playing.

Fabio Cannavaro (DEF/ITA/73)
He joined us just that season, in the summer 1995 from Napoli. He stayed with us until 2002 and left for Inter. This summer he moved to Juventus where he is still playing. He is also captain of the italian NT.

Antonio Benarrivo (DEF/ITA/68)
Joined us from Padova in 1991 and stayed just until last summer. A legend that has always played with us. I dont know what he is currently doing, but maybe somthing in his hometown-club Brindisi Calcio.

Nestor Sensini (DEF/ARG/66)
He joined us from Udinese in 1994 and stayed with us 1999 to play one season with Lazio, coming back at the end. 2002 he left us to go back to Udinese who also brought the player in Italy from Argentinia. Nestor is still playing at Udinese at the age of 38.

Alberto Di Chiara (DEF/ITA/64)
Played for us from 91 to 96, then joined Perugia where he finished his carreer. Until last season he was team manager for Perugia, but I dont know what he is doing right now since I didnt found his name on the Perugia homepage.

Roberto Mussi (DEF/ITA/63)
Another legend, who stayed with us for long time. Joined us in 84 from Massese, then left us 87 for Milan. He played for the Rossoneri and Torino before coming back to us in 1994 and finishing his carreer in 1999. I didnt find what he is doing now.

Massimo Crippa (MID/ITA/65)
He played with us from 93 to 98 and I have to admit I never liked him even if he was pretty good. He joined Torino in 1998 and I think he finished his carreer there. I dont know what he is doing now.

Dino Baggio (MID/ITA/71)
Joined us from Juve just before we have beaten them in the UEFA-cup final, what a joy for us. Then he stayed with us untill 2000 when he joined Lazio. Later he also played for Blackburn and Ancona before re-joining Lazio this summer. He has never found again his form of the Parma-times after he left us.

Massimo Brambilla (ITA/MID/73)
Brambilla left us in summer 96 for Bologna and then joined Torino where he stayed until 2002. Then he played for Siena and now he is playing again in Serie A with Cagliari.

Tarcisio Catanese (ITA/MID/67)
That season with us was his last in Serie A, then he went to some Serie C clubs. He currently plays for a amateur club called Monticelli, not far from Reggiana.

Gabriele Pin (ITA/MID/62)
Pin was with us from 83 to 85 and from 92 to 96. After that he joined Piacenza and ended his carreer there. Later he was Cesare Prandellis assistent coach and even followed him to Roma. I think that he doesnt do anything now, waiting for an offer as a coach. His son is playing for our Allievi.

Gianfranco Zola (ITA/FW/66)
He left us in 96 and joined Chelsea, where he stayed for many years and had a lot of success. He has been voted to Chelsea's most popular player ever but he returned to his home club Cagliari last season and helped them to get promoted in Serie A. He is still playing for Cagliari together with Brambilla.

Filippo Inzaghi (ITA/FW/73)
"Superpippo" was with us only that season before joining Atalanta and then Juventus. He played for the Bianconeri and had lot of success before later moving to Milan, where he is still playing.

Alessandro Melli (ITA/FW/69)
He started his carreer with us in 1985 in Serie C1 and until 1998 he stayed mostly stayed with us, leaving only twice (Modena for some months in 88 and Samp/Milan from 94-95). He left us in 97 for Nottingham and finished his carreer with Perugia in 2000. I dont know what he is doing now.

Tomas Brolin (SWE/FW/69)
He joined us after the WC 1990 and was a great player. He had knee problems and strong teammates, thats why he moved to Leeds in November 96. He wasnt very lucky there like in Zurich, so he came back to us for a few months before going back to England (Crystal Palace). As he failed there too he went back to Sweden to play in a 3rd division club where he was goalkeeper (!). After that he has coached in the USA before coming back to Sweden. Now it is reported that he either has hiw own chain of restaurants combining swedish and italian food, he is said to be owning a shoe company and a discotheque in Stockholm that is called "Undici" ("Eleven").

Faustino Asprilla (COL/FW/69)
He joined us 1992 from Nacional Medellin and stayed with us until 96. Then he went to Newcastle but returned to us in december 1997. He left us in 99 and then had lots of different clubs in South America. I dont know whether he is still playing or not, but I think last season he played for Estudiantes in Argentina.

Marco Ferrante (ITA/FW/71)
We loaned him to Salernitana that season, then he was with us only until September when he joined Torino. He was there until this summer and then moved to Catania, where he is currently playing.

Hristo Stoichkov (BUL/FW/66)
He joined us from Barcelona and stayed only that season to move again to the Blaugrana. After having played for ZSKA, Al Ansar and Kashiva Reysol he went to play for Chicago DC United in the MLS. He ended his carreer there last summer, then became assistent coach for DC and now is the actual coach of the bulgarian NT.

Bucci - Released from Torino
Galli - Technical Manager of Fiorentina
Buffon - Playing for Juve
Apolloni - Team Manager of Parma
Couto - Playing for Lazio
Minotti - Technical Manager of Parma
Susic - Coach of Triestina Allievi
Castellini - Playing for Sampdoria
Cannavaro - Playing for Juventus
Benarrivo - ?
Sensini - Playing for Udinese
Di Chiara - ?
Mussi - ?
Crippa - ?
Baggio - Playing for Lazio
Brambilla - Playing for Cagliari
Catanese - Playing for Monticelli (amateur side)
Pin - Coach, waiting for an offer
Zola - Playing for Cagliari
Inzaghi - Playing for Milan
Melli - ?
Brolin - Owner of 3 companies in Sweden
Asprilla - ?
Ferrante - Playing for Catania
Stoichkov - Coach of the Bulgarian NT

...more to come :)

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... I don't follow much football this season. I can't concentrate on any single game as I'm not feeling too well these months (probably due to the unemployment since graduation. :( It's the reason why I have become speechless here and rarely switch on my ICQ and MSN). But I'd like to know if Vanoli is still playing in Serie A now.

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Brolin's Swedish restaurant is called Undici, on the night i think it becomes a pub too with his celebrity friends joining ;) Don't know if he's making shoes but he's engaged with a kid and he's become quite fat too :D

Last I heard of Asprilla was that he was joining some Serie C2 club, dunno if he did.

Doesn't Stoichkov coach the Bulgarian NT?

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Indeed I wasnt pretty sure what Stoichkov is doing now. I found it on the web that he is assistan coach of DC United but I remember that I have seen him on TV as the new bulgarian NT coach so you are right Nick.

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GaGa said:
Asprillia backed out of playing for Darlington...a 3rd division side
One of the best television interviews. where the Darlington chairman talks about Faustino & Darlington. I can't remember it much now, but remember it being funny. He left like 2 days later and "dissapeared".

Nice thread btw Djet.

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@Amium: He WILL be mentioned, but I just did the 95/96 team yet, all the other teams are still to come :)

...and where the hell are these restaurants of Benarrivo and Taffarel? Any names?

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Shanie said:
... I don't follow much football this season. I can't concentrate on any single game as I'm not feeling too well these months (probably due to the unemployment since graduation. :( It's the reason why I have become speechless here and rarely switch on my ICQ and MSN). But I'd like to know if Vanoli is still playing in Serie A now.

I think he is still at Glasgow Rangers :smileani:

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Ok, lets go to the following season which is 96/97. New players there:

Alessandro Nista (GK/ITA/65)
Nista came to us during the 95/96 season and stayed with us until summer 99 before moving to Torino. Actually he is still there and is the keeper trainer.

Ze Maria (DEF/BRA/73)
We took the brazilian winger from Flamengo and he stayed with us until 98 when he moved to Perugia. Now he is playing for Inter who bought them last summer.

Luca Pinton (MID/ITA/78)
He played with us only that season and then moved to some C-clubs. The last thing I found on him is that he was bought by Triestina in 2001 but he is not there anymore.

Daniel Bravo (MID/FRA/63)
He joined us from PSG in summer 96 and stayed for two seasons. Then he moved to Lyon and from there to Marseille where he ended his carreer I think. I dont know what he is doing now.

Pietro Strada (MID/ITA/69)
He also stayed two season with us and then moved to Perugia. From then on I didnt find anything more about him.

Mario Stanic (MID/CRO/72)
What a player! He played with us from 96 to 2000 before moving to Chelsea. He ended his carreer this summer at the young age of 32. I am not sure but I think that he doesnt do anything at the moment.

Reynald Pedros (MID/FRA/71)
He joined us from Marseille and we loaned him to Napoli and Lyon while we had him. Then he played for Montpellier, Toulouse and Bastia before moving to Shanghai during 2001 where he is still playing.

Simone Barone (MID/ITA/78)
That was indeed his first season with us and he played twice in Serie A at the age of 18. Then he moved to Padova, Alzano and Chievo before coming back to us in the summer 03. He left us one year later and now is playing for Palermo.

Hernan Crespo (FW/ARG/75)
Should I say Crespo or should I just call him God?
We bought him in 96 from River Plate and it turned out to be a wonderful transfer. He stayed with us for 4 seasons scoring 108 goals for us. Unfortunately we couldnt keep him and he moved to Lazio, Inter, Chelsea and now is loaned out to Milan where he just scored his first Serie A goal for them last weekend. Forza Hernan! :proud:

Gianluca Triuzzi (FW/ITA/78)
He was just 17 when he was with us. Later he moved to Palermo, Napoli, Monza, Spezia, then back to his home club Taranto where he stayed for 3 season before going back to Serie B this summer. He is now at Pescara.

Enrico Chiesa (FW/ITA/70)
We bought him from Sampdoria and he stayed 4 season, just like Crespo. Then he moved to Fiorentina, Lazio and now is playing at Siena since last summer.

Fabrizio Miccoli (FW/ITA/79)
I didnt even know that he played for us. Indeed he didnt, but he was in our squad of 96/97. Later he moved to Ternana and Perugia, where he attracted the interests of the big clubs. So he moved to Juventus 2003 and has been loaned out to Fiorentina this summer.
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