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What effects will the new elections have?

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I am curious about your opinions on this:
Do you think Sanz will be re-elected Presidente of Real Madrid? What effects will this, or him not being re-elected have on the club? How do you think this will affect this off-season's trades?

As of now, RM does not have a president and is being run by Onieva and another gentleman until the elections.
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I don't think anything will change. Of course it's bad we have no president now, but heck! Who else can win the elections? Let's face it - Sanz may not have the best transfer policy, but he sure has done a great job in getting us out of these debt problems. I really admire him for this and he has myu vote!!!:D:D
HAHA...from now on, I became a Sanz supporter:D (unbelievable!)...but actually, he was not that bad...we won two CL cups and the business is running the good way...if we finally get out of the damn debt...Sanz just seems like a superman (wow, ridiculous but so true)...anyway, though I always wanna get rid of him, after I think about it clearly, I found he is really not that bad (included those transfers). See, Anelka is OK, and he could be a hero if he stops being a freak (Can he?); the other signs is quite good actually, Gereme, Macca, Helguera, Balic (doubtful, I don't really know) ect. And the sold-outs are not that infeluencing to our team, though I felt pity that we lost Mijatovic (realized that after the Euro2K), then Suker/Seedorf...no comment...surely we can let them out, them are not that important...
So, Sanz is the MAN!!!:D
I wouldn't give Sanz credit for the Baljic signing as that was a "demand"/"request" of Toshack. He had coached him back in Turkey. Overall, I like his trades. At first, some seem odd, but in the end, they generally turn out right. He's a great business man though and he seems to balance out the heart and business aspect of the game well.
According to Calciomercato Lorenzo Sanz has an agreement with PSG to sell Anelka to them if he gets re-elected. This is likely to help him get votes from the Real traditionalists who are very anti Anelka.
Well, intersting stuff:) I think his policy relly has been good, except Baljic, but hell, he has barely had the chance to impress, now has he. His first huge misteka could be Geremi and anelka, so let's hope it doesn't happen:)
From what I've been reading lately in Marca, Florentino Perez has strong chances of getting elected. I don't know the guy at all, but from what I've been reading he seems to be a very succesful business manager. He's the director of one of the biggest spanish constructing companies and he's also heading the scheme that was granted lately a new mobile phone license in Spain. Sanz faces a lot of criticism from the socios for the huge debts of the club and there have been accusations of scandals on his money management. There were also discussions of Butragueno running for the club presidency but he declined, claiming not being ready for the task yet (he's quite young too, only 37).

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