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This is a bit of a curiosity thing going on and is aimed to see what teams people like and dislike who do not have a forum. Please refain from insulting a team for no reason.

Here is what I think of other teams;

Aston Villa - I like many players from this team such as Dellany, Ugo, Barry, Hendrie and Merson to name a few but the manager annoys me. What he said about Leicester and then Heskey was out of order. He can be very funny though and I like him then but this side seems to be happening less and less.

Arsenal - no offence but I extremely dislike this team. It is not down to the fact that I dislike the players etc, indeed Suker is one of may favourate players of all time along with Bergkamp. the problem for me is that they are always pipping us in one way or another. This year for example they went on an unbelievable run and we were left stuttering. I respect them but they annoy me by winning too much. I also dislike Keown.

Bradford - of course I love this team, who doesn't. the fact that they stayed up this year was a great feat and IMO Jewell should be named the manager of the year. They have Saunders and Lawrence who I like and that shot that Windass tried versus the pool has endeared me to him. They are the fighters and prove that fairy tales do come true.

Coventry - there are numorous reasons why I like this team and the highest on the list is the role of their manager Gordon Strachan. He is fiery, honest and has a sheer passion for the game which is the way that it should be. They play good football for me and I hope that they do well as they have signed some good players this year (i.e. Chippo, Haji and Keane). I like Hedman, Macca (before he left), Frogatt.

Chelsea - there are many reason that people dislike this side but I think that mine is the dullest. The thing is that I was upset at the performance that happened in the Nou Camp that I started to dislike them. I like Vialli, Zola, Wise, Desailly, Petrescu, Melchiott, Poyet and Di Matteo but dislike De Goey, Le Boeuf and Deschamps. I know that it is strange but that it is me.

Charlton - for me they need to buy some good players. I know that they have players who have shown that they can play in the PL such as Kinsella (excellent player), Newton and Powell but the thing is that they may need a good striker. Hunt was not very impressive the first time around and they may rely on hima tad too much. I like them and was gutted that they went down last year.

Derby - this is one of the sides that I used to like when they had Asanovic and Stimac and stayed up but now I am not so found of them. I like Jim Smith and sometimes their matches end up at 4-4 (Bradford game) but I think that they have gone down hill and bought some foreign players who are second rate. Players like Carbonari are good but I do question why Schnoor was bought for example. Maybe with Kinkladze and Burlewy they will stir my imagination again but who knows.

Everton - a very indifferent feeling goes on here. At time I like them and sympathise at players who I feel are very much under-rated (Campbell, Hutchinson, Barmby, Gerrad) but at other times they pis* me off when they boo Muzzy Izzett because of the Turkish incident. I think that there will always be a rivalry there but I wouldn't say that I disliked them at all.

Ipswich (hopefully) - I really like this team and thin that their experience in the first division has helped them become a stronger team (remember the year theywent down with their signing Paz scoring 1 goal.......against the pool though :(). I really want to see Wright flourish and wonder how players such as Johnsen, Hollan and Stewart would do in the PL.

Liverpool - I love them, pure and simple........if you cut me I would bleed red...um yeah.

Leeds - again good and bad. I like O'Leary's honesty and Risdale has been very admirabel this year and seems to take an active interest in the club. I think that players such as Kewell, Bridges, Woodgate Harte and Bowyer are definate stars of the future but I was annoyed at the racist attack. this has resulted in me revising my view on them and at the moment I feel great indifference.

Leicester - many said that they were boring but I think that they are great. O'Neill has done a class act and you wonder how stars such as Savage, Lennon, Eliott, Izzet and Guppy would perform for another manager. Unfortunately we may find out with O'Neill in discussions with Celtic.

Man Utd - I could so easily call them scum, and continue but I am goping to rise above that. I respect them a lot and note that they have great players, the thing I dislike is the harrowing of the referees, the chairman and the antics of Fergie. I dislike some of their players (Keane, G Neville, Sherringham etc) but I acknowledger they are good players (except over-rated G Neville.....DYER IS THE SAVIOUR)

Middlesborough - this is the team that buys the stars but never get anywhere. I like the fact that Gibon has given Robson so much time and hope that it pays dividends. If they get who they want this year it will mean that Ziege, Ince, Juninho and Karambeau could be in the same side which could mean good things. As a team I do not mind them but I do like Ziege a lot (come to the pool).

Man City - I am glad that they got up as the fans deserved it. They have IMO some Premiership class players such as Weaver, Kennady and Goacher but what they will do is anyones guess. Jo Royle is also a very good mananger and one of my best mate supports them.

Newcastle - I am very fond of these and I am sure that many people know that I think Dyer is superb. I like Robson a lot and think that with players like Shearer, Domi and Speed in their team they have the nucelous of a very good side. I also like the loyalty and the attractive football.

Spurs - With the signing of Rebrov and the class of Campbell this team could really catch the imagination. I do not like Suger that much but I respect GG a great amount. I also like the fact that they have ambition as well as potential. Who knows next year could be their turning point.

So'ton - I don't mind them and think that Pahars is a wicked player. I dislike Hoddle though as he left out Macca for WC 1998. I've also read his autobiography and for me he will not admit when he is wrong. He needs more humility for me to consider liking him. I also like Le Tiss for his loyalty, somethijg that does not happen in football. I think that he shows why though as the club have disowned him and critics have said that he would have never made it at a big club. His England chances were also limited. Also I think that Paul Jones is great as well as Dean Richards.

Sunderland - a very good side with a likeable manager with likeable players. Gray, Sorenson, McCaan, Phillips and Quin all had very good years for me. The surprise package this year and proved all the doubters wrong.

West Ham - I really like this side as they have such good youngsters. Cole, Ferdinand, Cole and Cradick (watch out for this guy) show that they are producing some of Englands finest. Redknapp is also a nice guy and they play some really good stuff especially with Di Canio and Sinclair in the side. they have also bought Kanoute who looked like a really good player.

Teams that went down this year:

Wimbledon - nice at first but then got so very annoying. I'm glad that they are down as they have limited quality. With Sam Hamaam and Kinear gone there was none of the crazy gang left.
Sheff Wed - suprised with players such as Niklanderson, De Bilde, Hinchcliffe and Sibon that they went down. Don't really care for them much.
Watford - a few good players, an annoying manager and that was it. Hyde and Kennady are good but the rest failed to impress me.

That concludes everyone I hope, i think that it will be intersting to see which teams other people like.

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Good post Pool, here are my opinions on the premiership sides.

Aston Villa - Likeable team with a few outstanding players. Ian Taylor is a personal favourite (I used to watch him at Vale Park). Gregory is one of those managers that you either love or hate. Personally I hate him, but respect his boldness in attacks on referees who under-perform. He also attacks players (like Heskey) for diving when he has Carbone in his side!

Arsenal - I personally hate this team, my reasons are different to pools's. I remember the Alan Smith and Michael Thomas goal that cruelly denied us the championship (Liverpool if you hadn't guessed). From that point on I hated them with a passion, but I do respect Arsene Wenger, he's proved to be a very shrewd manager and changed Arsenal from Boringg Boring Arsenal to an attractive attack minded side.

Bradford - I was pleased they stayed up, it just goes to show that with commitment and hard work, even the teams with low resources can stay in the premiership. Jewell wears his heart on his sleeve and you can't help but be endeared to his team.

Coventry - Small side packed with a lot of good players, have a manager who expects his team to play like he did - with passion and commitment. He asks for little more than that, and his team are so unpredictable, one week they can outclass Man Utd, the next they can be trounced by Hull city!

Chelsea - Indifference to this team, I feel they underachieve when you consider the players they have. It must be worrying to be a Chelsea fan with all the 30 somethings playing for you!

Charlton - Another Bradford to me, I'd love to see them stay up, but it looks like a struggle.

Derby - Team with a nice stadium, and another unpredictable team. They were close to relegation last season, but the season before on the verge of Europe! As a fan that would drive me mad!

Everton - A personal dislike for Everton for 2 reasons. one, they hve possibly the most racist set of fans in England, and secondly Liverpool seem unable to beat them at all! There is a saying in England that if Everton could play Liverpool every match of the season then they'd be champions by February!

Ipswich ? - No feelings towards this side, they seem to have a lot of young players who could set the premiership alight (if they make it up), yet again they could fall straight back to div 1!

Liverpool - My team, and I like to think I can be objective about them (ok maybe slightly biased!). We have the basis now for a very strong side, we need to bring a little more variety to our attacking play. It's Ironic that with 3 of Englands best Strikers we have so much goal scoring problems. Houllier has done a magnificent job of rebuilding our achilles heel - the defence! In one season he's changed them from being possibly the worst in the Premiership to the best! Next step the Midfield Ged!

Leeds - Have great respect for their manager, but got annoyed over the season with the media coverage. An example is that when Liverpool were in 2nd place, and Leeds faltering, all the media could say is I hope Leeds get back on track they deserve the Champions League place. My overall feelings on Leeds is that they are at a similar stage to Liverpool in redevelopment, and with the youngsters in their side should be in the top 5 for most of the next decade!

Leicester - Remind me of the Wimledon side of the 80's , they have a never-say-die attitude that keeps them going well. I personally like them, but I feel if O Neill goes it might be hard to pick up the pieces.

Man Utd - I hate them! It goes with the territory of being a Liverpool fan! I can however aknowledge they havea a great team, and have without a doubt been the English side of the 90's. What is dissapointing and annoying about the team is their arrogance and lack of Dignity. To pull out of the FA cup was a disgrace, and players like Keane, Beckham and the Neville brothers annoy me with their arrogance! Overall a great team with a lot to learn about dignity in winning and defeat!

Middlesborough - I can't put it any better than pool, they get good players but never seems to go anywhere!

Man City - A welcome return to the premiership for the other Manchester side. I hope they can stay up, their fans have been so loyal throughout the dark 90's, and deserve to back in Englands elite!

Newcastle - A good team, with a great coach. Robson knows how to get the best out of the players and was instrumental in turning Newcastle around this season. I think with a few more signings they can re-establish themselves amongst the top 5.

Spurs - For me the team I respect most in the south. They've always played attractive football, although this may change under George Graham! Have the spine of a good team with Rebrov, Cambell, Ginola and Sullivan. Sugar has finally decided to give a manager cash to spend and showing some ambition.

So'ton - Complete indifference to this team. I do like the fact that they tend to annoy Man UTD, and Ferguson makes excuses like they couldn't see each other in their shirts! :) Too Funny!

Sunderland - The suprise of the year, a likeable hard working team, just like their manager was! A good striker has been the key to their season, along with a very resolute defence. Should improve on this years finish next season.

West Ham - A grat squad of young players with some experienced foreign talent. Things look to be good forthe future for the fans of the Hammers!

Teams that went down this year:

Wimbledon - Good Riddance! The most annoying team in the premiership, their average gates of 3000 deserve to be in the first or maybe even second division. I never understood the media obsession with Wimbledon, and since the late 80's they've continually dissapointed me by staying in the top flight!

Sheff Wed - I think a lot of the blamce has to go to the board by sticking by the likeable manager Wilson. However the team seemed to lack direction on the pitch and never recovered from their terrible start to the season.

Watford - Watford were always going to go straight back down. They failed to strengthen the squad before taking to the top flight, and had a team of relative youngsters. The mistake was not bringing in players like Saunders, McCall etc.
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