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What do you think of Ranieri?

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I have been watching Ranier's Juve ever since he took over. Bottom line is: He is not a bad coach - but he isn't a great one either....He doesn't strike me as the type of coach who can actually get us to win things - but I worry that he will be just good enough to keep extending his stay.

However, after the game against Sampdoria I was infuriated. Its not the 1st team selection that bugged me - it was his subs or lack thereof.

When your team is playing a game every 3 days and you want to rotate the squad particularly if the 1st team players you choose are not spring chickens! - it is criminal not to use up all of your substitutions particularly when the team wasn't playing particularly well.

In the match against Samp, you know that the team he fielded is most likely to be the same team he uses against BATE. Camoranesi was clearly not match fit and Del Piero should have been taken off much earlier in the second half (despite having a very good 1st half).

He made 2 subs - Salihamidzic for Camoranesi and Iaquinta for Del Piero.

If it were me, I would have put on Iaquinta for Del Piero and then Giovinco for Camoranesi and replaced Molinaro with De Ceglie - then switch the formation to 4-3-3 with Giovinco on the left, Amauri in the center and Iaquinta on the right while having Nedved play a little deeper.

We cannot be satisfied with draws away to Sampdoria if our objective is to win the title. Its difficult for the team to have self believe when the manager is so paranoid to lose!

The fact that Ranieri wanted to sign Stankovic in the summer is a scary thought - he may have wanted to exchange Giovinco for that guy - that would have been a huge joke!
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So the difference will be benching Il Capitano, our most consistent game winner, for an insanely useless Pavel? (his formation doesnt really work without a regista).

Hehe, that wouldnt be a good start for Spalletti, the only worse start then that, is if he god forbid, took Perrotta with him.
Well Nedved is the closest thing to Perrotta from Juve, apart from that he is quite old now... maybe you could try Iaquinta in that role :D Anyway Spalletti I am sure would change his formation, but he will not go to Juve (yet) anyway so dont know why I bought it up :D Del Piero is boring now.. bench him, bench Nedved too, play some excitement :pp
Nothing more exciting then Del Piero doing the tango with ze ball :proud: I dont have the luxury to be demanding excitement right now, I settle with winning frigging games :pp Its too much to expect for Ranieri to shape up and manage to make us play decently ala Spalletti.

He was spoiled by players like Del Piero saving his ass with consistent game winners, like the one in the second Roma game. Who needs a gameplan when you rely heavily few quality players scoring in the 1-2 chances we mustered up? :pp The difference this season is...man has made us even worse.
The problem is Del Piero doesnt give anyone else chances ;) Thats why Juve are boring.
i know you're reeling bigtime right now because i totally called you out but umm...
Your propensity for deluding yourself is quite astounding. Do you not realize that pretty much everyone commenting on the matter is laughing at (not with) you?

As we agree that Ranieri had near unanimous backing in the media last season, I - and several others here - at least have the now critical media beat by 9 months on that score, as it was the horrendous matches after the Christmas break last season, that turned me around to your point of view. As much as you try to re-invent me as one who just follow the media tide, on this issue at least the record is just very different.

I also like how it is supposedly the absence of obvious big name alternatives that makes Ranieri's case for you (along with your oft stated opinion that our record versus big teams is an argument in favor).
I assume that is the same kind of reasoning that makes you consider our inadequate squad a scudetto challenger/favourite, because that is the one we have; the market is now closed and we cannot get better, and as we MUST be a favourite even when it defies logic, then that is what we are.

Anyway, enough with you.

Several have mentioned the certainly reasonable "rather the devil you know" objection.

My take is that the bottom line is this: Ranieri cannot work for us, because he is incapable of making us more than the sum of our parts, and have us looking like an increasingly awful team to watch while we slide towards mediocrity results wise.
This is unacceptable, because we are a 'project team'. We are a team that is not good enough to win anything, and thus we have to build (in terms of developing a style of play as well as developing our youngsters) in order to get to the point where we can challenge. If Ranieri is building/developing anything, it is a monstrosity. He appears to have no vision for the team whatsoever other than fielding Capello's 442, that succeeded because he had substantially better players.

As for the lack of alternatives; for me Ranieri's long, long record of not winning or succeeding even with capable clubs and squads weighs as more of a negative compared with the lack of experience in other managers who have yet to test their mettle at a big team. I don't blame coaches for not winning, if they've never been in a position to.
Whether we were to look to Ferrara or - perhaps more realistically in terms of experience level - someone like Gasperini (who would be really interesting), I will take the risk of them flaming out completely, compared with the sure thing disappointment and lack of progress of Ranieri. I don't see how we can really play worse than what we already are.
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Your propensity for deluding yourself is quite astounding....
Not if you'd known this guy as long as I have...he's crawling into physical manhood by now, but still a typical gino from woodbridge
Deano, come on, don't even joke about such things. Spalletti at Juve...:yuck:
Deano, come on, don't even joke about such things. Spalletti at Juve...:yuck:
any two bit coacheroo would do well at juve because of the apparato omertoso behind that organization- Moggi ring a bell dolt?- that's manufactured victories out of nothing over generations

what's wrong with Spalletti you knob
He's too good for Juve.
my bad i misunderstood you i musta thought you were Glenda
He's too good for Juve.
Hardly, he is a charming coach, but he is anything but that. He is not even too good for Roma, despite his attractive football. I know you are making a bitter sentimental point based on rivalry dislike, but just making the point either way. Dont think he is even too good for Udinese.
Osman you just talk sh!t as usual. Not even too good for Udinese... why because they are top of Serie A? Spalletti qualified that team for the CL when they were not even hopefuls at the start of the year. Udinese have a very good coach at present too though, Marino is actually an excellent coach IMO. Spalletti is too good for Juve because he is an honest coach.
Osman, what I wrote was partly in jest and partly because I believe Spalletti (unlike certain previous Roma coaches) is a honest and honourable man and wouldn't go to Juve after spending so long with us. Not because I think he's too good of a coach for you, but too good of a person to do this given the rivalry.

But enough about our coach, I don't feel good discussing this possibility even totally hypothetically.
What's with the Spalletti bashing all of a sudden, Osman? Just because Roma are having a tough time right now doesn't mean he's suddenly become a terrible coach. Remeber, this is the same coach would have lead an inferior Roma-team to the scudetto were it not for Inter's luck with certain ref decisions last season.

I'd love him at Juve, for once we'd at least see some good football played. God knows it's been a long time.
Your propensity for deluding yourself is quite astounding. Do you not realize that pretty much everyone commenting on the matter is laughing at (not with) you?
i suspect it'd bother you, you know, blowing with the wind of course. because i couldn't care less when people were laughing at me last october when i was calling for ranieri AND nocerino's heads on a platter. and you know what, i'm still glad we didn't lose tiago mendes....his creativity and vision would be a god send especially with camo out for a few weeks.

but he's a major flop according to the media because...ummm....he didn't dominate a game like andrea pirlo or gianni rivera so he must be shite :howler: you lot are a bunch of sheep.

still waiting for your valid alternative though glen. please don't tell me the premise of your argument to ditch ranieri is so we can hire ciro ferrara because he was an assistant coach to lippi. please don't. your credibility is already being questioned.
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Count me among the people who think Spalletti would not be much of an upgrade on Ranieri. What has he achieved at Roma? Nothing i can think of that would make him a prime candidate for coaching us.

With all due respect, if our biggest criticism of Ranieri is that he's simply not a winner, then the same is equally valid for Spalletti.
The difference is that Ranieri was at the helm at big clubs, Chelsea and Valencia are not to be frowned at. At least Spalletti has the benefit of doubt, Roma is thus far his biggest mission he has had. And looking past this seasons Roma (and this season is not over, so he still has a chance to save the season), he has done really well IMO.

I think we can all agree that if Inter and Roma would have had the same luck with the refs last year, Roma would have taken the title. As it stands, Inter were the lycky one's there.

For the record - I don't believe we will get Spalletti or Prandelli anytime soon anyway. If it stood between the two though, I would chose Prandelli, but I would see Spalletti as a good alternativ.
still waiting for your valid alternative though glen. please don't tell me the premise of your argument to ditch ranieri is so we can hire ciro ferrara because he was an assistant coach to lippi. please don't. your credibility is already being questioned.
I didn't tell you that was my premise. If you actually read my post above I was pretty clear about firing Ranieri being more important in itself, because it is obvious, that he will not get the job done.
As regards alternatives, we would of course have to hope to get the most qualified person available. If that person is Ferrara, its fine with me.
Not just because of his status within the club, but also because we can hardly perform worse. Additional time with Ranieri is time wasted. Ferrara - being green and unproven - offers the hope of something else, and unlike 'candidates' like Novellino, Del Neri and whatever experienced also-ran, he wouldn't be saddled with the automatic 'mediocre' tag.

This is not a ringing endorsement for Ferrara. Its seeing Ranieri as an abject failure and saying that change is urgently needed.
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gazzetta, corriere, etc they have have front news now Blanc saying that ranieri stays a 100%

the 1st signs are here ... you can start slowly to celebrate. ;)
No, Roma wouldn't have won last season regardless because every time they were in a position to take advantage of Inter's slip ups, they couldn't capitalize because the team screwed it up continuously.

Until Spalletti can demontrate that he can instill his team with a winning mentality, and the ability cope with the pressure of being in a good position to earn some silverware, to me he will still not be good enough for the job.
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