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Ranieri isn't good enough by Juve standards but he follows orders and he's easy to manipulate which is something management was looking for when they were finding a replacement for Deshamps.

Deshamps is not the coach of Juventus for one simple reason and one reason only, Juventus brass refused the direction that Deshamps wanted to take the club, specifically the type of players he wanted to bring in. By all accounts if Deshamps was still coaching Juve he would be instilling a much different brand of football and probably more appealing albeit riskier.

There has always been a pattern with Juventus since Agnelli stepped down which is a general ideology that emphasizes physical and defensive football. Regardless of the coaches that have passed through one thing that has always remained the same was the type of football being played which is ultimately: calculated direct football.

In fairness; when you're a club that only spends what it earns and still has title ambitions than this type of stingy football is necessary. This is why I believe Ranieri is just a pawn, a temporary means to a certain end.

Once the new wave of Juve players get their feet firmly in the soil and the fat contracts/veterans move on, I imagine not only does Juve get a better coach but they finally get hat superstar creative player that will really make the difference even though on the whole Juve will remain a defensive/conservative team.
1 - 1 of 245 Posts
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