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What do you think of Ranieri?

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I have been watching Ranier's Juve ever since he took over. Bottom line is: He is not a bad coach - but he isn't a great one either....He doesn't strike me as the type of coach who can actually get us to win things - but I worry that he will be just good enough to keep extending his stay.

However, after the game against Sampdoria I was infuriated. Its not the 1st team selection that bugged me - it was his subs or lack thereof.

When your team is playing a game every 3 days and you want to rotate the squad particularly if the 1st team players you choose are not spring chickens! - it is criminal not to use up all of your substitutions particularly when the team wasn't playing particularly well.

In the match against Samp, you know that the team he fielded is most likely to be the same team he uses against BATE. Camoranesi was clearly not match fit and Del Piero should have been taken off much earlier in the second half (despite having a very good 1st half).

He made 2 subs - Salihamidzic for Camoranesi and Iaquinta for Del Piero.

If it were me, I would have put on Iaquinta for Del Piero and then Giovinco for Camoranesi and replaced Molinaro with De Ceglie - then switch the formation to 4-3-3 with Giovinco on the left, Amauri in the center and Iaquinta on the right while having Nedved play a little deeper.

We cannot be satisfied with draws away to Sampdoria if our objective is to win the title. Its difficult for the team to have self believe when the manager is so paranoid to lose!

The fact that Ranieri wanted to sign Stankovic in the summer is a scary thought - he may have wanted to exchange Giovinco for that guy - that would have been a huge joke!
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My question is, how realistic is a Ranieri sacking? With this management, the only motive for a sacking was when Deschamps had a dispute over transfer policy and what not (this related to The Management thread as well..)

This time, with a string of poor results, and no solid/reliable candidate for replacement; what does Ranieri have to do (or not do shall I say?) to 'earn' the sack?

Go on a winless streak till the end of October? The International break is round the corner, so consider that some bought time.

Bottom line, I cannot imagine Ranieri getting sacked by 2008 end...
I'm not too convinced about Conte. Of course, he is "uno di noi" but I still think he needs to have some more experience before managing Juventus.

Having said that, I was a fan of Deschamps but we only saw him as a Juve Serie B manager thus you can't really "evaluate" how he would've done in Serie A...we'll perhaps never know. Anyway, my point being is that I prefer someone with experience like Gasperini or Prandelli.
That episode was class!!!!!! :howler: :howler: We need a Managing Director with Ari Gold's personality. We'd rock :D Definitely one of the coolest characters on TV. :)
I think it was Season 4, yeah. When these twins in his office start fighting about something (one slept with the other's wife LOL!). Ari then takes necessary action :D
1 - 4 of 245 Posts
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