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hi all,

i kno there has been talk of mendieta coming to barca, i dont really wanna discuss if he is coming or not cos that is a rumor, what i do wanna kno is where would he fit into barca if he DOES come? on mendi coming to barca i have conflicting emotions ..

1) i love mendi as a player - he is awesome - a fighter - highly skilled - quick - and always back tracks to help in defence !

2) where would he fit in? in his classic position ( that is in Right Midfield ) he would displace my fav barca player of all time ! LE !!! - look i kno LE has a shady past, but he saw the light!! (alright all jokes aside, he is one of the few players at barca that shows fight, i kno he is getting on a bit, but still has plenty left to offer we cannot displace one of our last and best fighters !!) with LE injured mendi could just take up tthis slot, but when LE is fully repaired i want him there !!

3) trying mendi as an out and out playmaker failed at lazio and was their downfall in signing him as they persisted with proborsky on the right

so what i wanna know is,m if barca signed mendi, wher would you like to see him played and who would you displace out of the line up?


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