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Here are mine

Marcos 4 - A truely poor keeper. For some reason he doesnt like to or CANT catch a ball! Brazil's worst player

Cafu - 8 Almost scored twice sent in a great cross for ronaldo great all day showed why he is captain

R Junior 6 - Best central defender but little work to do today.

Lucio 5 - How did he forget to tackle in 2 weeks?

Polga 5.5 - Better than Edmilson last game but still never really tested.

R Carlos 9 - Man of the match in my humble opinon. Got a free kick goal after five years. Amazing through ball to Ronaldinhio driving pace, he was my favorite of the night.

Gilberto Silva 7 - Rock in the middle

Juninhio/Denilson 5 - Im dissappointed in both of them. Im sure it was a tactical problem cause I know they are both better players.

Ronaldinhio 5 - Sure he got a penalty, but is this guy really the next pele?? I respect Scolari for taking him off at the half if he isnt going to produce.

Rivaldo / Ronaldo 7- The most feared international strike duo in the world scores again. Ronaldo could have had 3 if he took the penalty and scored on his final shot. Plus Rivaldo if he played for 90 min at full throddle.

Edilson Richardinho - Didnt play long enough for me to evaluate.

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Brazil Player Ratings Vs. China (4-0)
Brazil - China | News Archive

06/08/2002. Marcos: 6
Cafu: 8.5
Lucio: 6.5
Roque Junior: 6.5
Carlos: 8
Juninho: 6.5
Polga: 7
Ronaldinho: 7.5
Rivaldo: 7.5
Ronaldo: 7

Denilson (On for Ronaldinho 46) 6.5
Ricardinho (On for Juninho 70) 6
Edilson (On for Ronaldo 73) 5

BEST: Cafu was superb and just beats Brazil's other full-back Roberto Carlos to the man of the match. Defensively Cafu was faultless and in attack he was unstoppable and certainly deserved a goal. Carlos did score a fantastic freekick and was also wonderful in attack, but Cafu pips him for a couple of key tackles.

WORST: Very hard to criticise any Brazilian player, although I felt Juninho was a too quiet as an attacking threat. However, Edilson was very poor and he gave the ball away more times in his 17 minutes on the pitch that the rest of Brazil's team in the whole of the match.


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goalie and defense: looked very weak, especially in the second half. if the defense played like that against a better team, we would have to win 6x5. china found a lot of space in the back and was able to run around freely in the second half. sure, the game was already won, but the brazilians were trying to keep a clean sheet and barely managed to do it.

defensive midfield: gilberto silva is the most underrated player of the world cup. this guy is awesome. he does his job perfectly: makes the tackles and QUICKLY gets rid of the ball to one of the skill players, like rivaldo or juninho or cafu-roberto carlos. he is the main reason brazil is looking so good.

offensive midfield: rivaldo is on his game. he's looking sweet! and it's obvious he's just pacing himself in case argentina, france or italy even make it out of the first round and he has to send them home with a swift kick from his left boot. ronaldinho and juninho had decent matches. nothing special.

attack: ronaldo: yes! the king is back, ladies! all those other superstar poster boys -- zidane, henry, trezeguet, totti, veron, batigol, owen, del piero -- are looking like clowns after two games. so far, of the big-money players in the tournament, it seems only ronaldo, rivaldo, vieri and beckham came to the world cup with their boots on and ready to play.

subs: denilson, edilson and ricardinho all were shameful, particularly edilson. put them back on the bench next to dida. (it's a little unfair to judge edilson and ricardinho so harshly because they didn't play long, but this is the world cup, not a training session!)

coach: for the second game in a row, felipao gets high marks from me.
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