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what are roster could look like come opening day

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this is how our roster will be if our transfers go through as they have said to be:

Campo,Hierro,R.Carlos,Karanka,Salgado,Costinha,Julio Ceasar,

MF(this is scary!)
Redondo,Pires,Cambiasso,McManaman,Guti,F.Conceicao,Rodrigo, Geremi, Juninho(maybe no :(, Munitis


Well, looks like our team has a good line-up. We need another strong defender though, this could be costly in the long term, though we are still interested in Marquez.
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That does give reason to smile, so: =)
Unfortunately that is impossible. There is 9 non EU players there!

My pick:
Cesar, Casillas, Illgner

Ivan Campo, Hierro, Karanka, Helguera, Roberto Carlos, Salgado, Julio Cesar, ??? one more!!!:(!

Redondo, Guti, Rodrigo, Cambiasso, Savio, Geremi, Meca, McManaman, Solari:mad:, plus possibly Munitis

RAUL!!!:D, Morientes, Anelka, Aganzo, Baljic, Congo, possibly Milosevic:mad:

That makes way too many non EU's, so I'd loan out:

Grrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaaatttttt! And that one defender is a must!!!:D Rubio from the B team si said to be great, but will he be enough? I doub it! Desailly or Canavarro, come on in!:D
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Does Rubio still paly for the B team. I hope so but I thought Depo poached him from us.
How many times are we going to loan out Cambiasso? Why don't we just sell him for a greater price?

I don't know about Desailly. He has some questionable tactics.
Too many non-EU's and too many Brazilians too! (Not that I have anything against them, just that too many of one nationality in a team is something I don't really like). And please, we cannot have Cesar, Casillas and Illgner. One of them actually has to watch in the stands while the another sits on the bench? Sell Illgner! Also, Aganzo has been loaned out to Espanyol. That's all for now!
I agree with you on Illgner. He's yesterday's news. Apparently some teams in Germany were interested in him, so I'd tend to lose him. However, I've also read that bizarri is out. Besides, Cesar is in and I'm interested to see who will be starting next season.
Can anyone tell me how the hell are we supposed to sell Cambiasso for a great price!? Noone except us, real madrid fans, even know who the hell he is? So, why asell such a great prospect for nothing and then be sorry? We have to persuade him into going to some club, perhaps this time to some spanish side, because he's still non EU! But we cannot lose him for nothing, because we;'ll be kicking ourselves for the rest of our lives:) The same story as with Geremi:D Illgner will stay 100%, he's declared that and let it be, we'll have quality back-up for Cesar and Casillas. Bizarri is a gonner anyways, he sucked so bad last year:mad: And Aganzo is indeed loaned out to Espanyol:eek:
Cambiasso will not be on loan, or sold, or anywhere else than the A team this year. Why? Because that's what they agreed on, it's final. Cambiasso was on loan last year I think to Independiente (I might be wrong on this one) and his father went to Madrid to clarify the situation about this year (meaning whether Real Madrid was counting on him to play for them or not, in which case he'd have to start looking for another club). The official RM's answer was that they want him for the A team, in agreement with Pirri and del Bosque. The player is already in Spain and has said to the reporters that he's thrilled because next year he'll be playing next to his idol Fernando Redondo.
Whatever happened to Illgner retiring?

In regards to Cambiasso...What's the point on loading up on all these young super talents (like you said, no one but Real knows of him) if we can't keep them? Who care if we can load up on Baljics, Geremis, and Cambiassos when we have so many restrictions on them?
Illgner retiring? Selling him is more like it.

I've heard that Schalke are interested in him.
I think so too. I mean, Illgner is hardly at the top of his game (injuries, long lay-off, the fast rise of Casillas) and this team that you mention is interested (I've heard this too as well as others). Bizarri may not be so reliable but he is also young.

I mentioned the retiring bit because he wife/manger wanted him to retire and return to Germany about a year ago.
Illgner has stated he's staying at Real Madrid and that's also final. He sais he doesn't mind the competition, he's gonna try provng he's worth the place and he's staying 100%. Doesn't hurt us, I guess, not that I'm his bigest fan:(
Good luck to him then.

I also read in Marca today that Fernando is being loaned out again, this time to Valladolid. Didn't Ojnie??? go there too? Is there our burial ground for players? :D
No, Valladolid is just a club we have great relations with and we can always count on. Last year we had 3 players loaned out there and now there is already another 2. It's good to have such possibilities:cool:
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