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I know that probably most of you guys don't even know who is Budan. He played for my hometown club Rijeka and when he was 18 everybody were talking about him like he is new maradona...next season when he was 19 he had a lot of pressure on his back and he really sucked so we sold him to venezia ( I really don't know why they bought him that year because as I already said he really sucked) This season he didn't get much chance because of a Ganza but he played last two matches against parma and verona and he scored both times...and few days ago our u-21 team played against austria and he scored twice and he really played good and I think he is back in his form and if he is he would be great bought because venezia is going to seria b and he would be worth about let me se
0 $...and he is good with head, with legs, tall, qouick...let's take him before milan, juve...do...

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