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Two trademark laser precision crosses from Beckham gave England a dream start. Scholes headed the first in off the crossbar, Owen brilliantly played in Beckham with a reverse pass and he stuck a cross up to McManaman who volleyed England further in front.

But then Portugal hit back and....
England's defence was a disgrace, I've seen better defending on a park in five-a-side matches, I know, I was there! You cannot win games at this level
with so many liabilities in a team and England have too many - Seaman, Neville, younger crapper Neville and Shearer. Adams kept going up for corners
leaving his sorry excuse for a defence exposed. Scholes left huge gaps in the centre of midfield because he never tracked back and McManaman kept
running down the left wing and doing piss all with the ball. Portugal eventually got the measure of Beckham, the only England player to emerge with any credit with the possible exception of Ince.

Germany played extrmeley bad, they could have lost 5-1 to Romania, but in contrast Bierhoff had a goal dissallowed that shouldn't have been.
I'm eagerly awaiting the Germany and England outcome.
Portugal WILL beat Romania, and then however wins the axis -allies will probably finish second. A fact is that the Brits always beat the Germans in the big wars, and the game won't be decided by penalties, I think England will make sure this one won't be a boring draw, if it is then Germany will officially be the most boring team in the tournament.
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