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OK, a goalless draw away to Ukraine isn't a bad result in itself. However, Semb is too defensive in his thinking and is the main reason to why we fail to score. Time and time again we have lost because of being overcautious. It was the reason we got knocked out of Euro2000 and it is the reason we have 3 points out of a possible 18 in one of the weakest UEFA groups. And what does the federation do about that? They give Semb a lucrative 5 year extension to his contract!

And why does he pick those Rosenborg players all the time?? When was the last time Roar Strand and Christer Basma had a good game? Have they ever had? Another RBK player, Stensaas, gave away 3 goals alone at home against Poland. I'm surprised Semb hasn't picked 'Jør Jamtfeil' as back-up goalie. Why wasn't Alexander Aas picked? He could have added a new dimension to the predictable attack with his long throw-ins. What was Lunde Aarsheim doing on the bench? Formplayers are few and far between nowadays. Why not use them instead of lower division squadplayers like Trond Andersen.

I want to see the players die for the national team jersey. Most of the players we have now are overpaid. After an international game, they can go back to Valencia or Man Utd and live the good life with millions on the bank account. And what is John Carew doing in silver and golden boots? He is the least skillful player in the world wearing boots like that. Ronaldo? Yes. Carew? hell, no. He should come down to earth. He isn't all that. A striker should score goals. Carew doesn't. I know defenders with better goals-per-game average than he has.

The players who started the soccer revolusion in the early 1990s under Egil "Drillo" Olsen had heart and commitment. They were short on skills, but achieved great results anyway. They were modest hardworking players who got rewarded in the end. The current team is just pathetic. I think we're the worst side in Scandinavia right now. Even Iceland picks up more points!
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