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West Asian Games

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Syria -- Iran -- Qatar -- Palestine -- The Host Country Kuwait

From 3 - 14 /4/2002

Yesterday 2 Matches Been played

Iran 2 - 2 Palestine

Kuwait 3 - 1 Qatar

Hat-Trick By Farej Laheeb :)

And 5 teams Are Regsiterd to This Tournment!
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Congratulations on the win... :)

Iran drawing with Palestine?? I doubt they are fielding their 1st team!! If they aren't.. this tournament should be a walk in the park for Kuwait.
Even if it isn't the 1st team, the idiots should play much better and win it.
Everybody here forgot to praise the Palestianian team..They played a good game and drew with the Iranian olompic team with three from the 1st team.....

VIVA PALESTINE :star::star::proud::proud:

[Some political remarks edited out]
congrs to PALESTINE.

[No Politics please :) ]

1st of all ...I dont see any politics remarks in any of my posts......

2nd ...never touch any of my posts.....I just hate that.....

3rd...DELETE IT.....I dunno how to delete the post .. so you delete it

BTW.....viva Bahrain....;)
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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