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Were ya'll from

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well iv'e been posting here for over a month but i never really know were you are from and whats your age and other stuff.

I'm from Holland i'm 16 years old
and am a parma fan for not really long like 8 moths or so.
Other teams i support are feyenoord and Arsenal(lauren chance your mind tough)

i have played football for very long since i was 7 or so first as defendind midfielder later as keeper.
I quit playing football when i was 13 or so i lost contact with football for like 2 years
(too bad) but 1.5 years ago i started watching again and now i'm back!

I also like computer games like CM 3 or
Fifa 99(not fifa 2000 it sux)

Hope you reply
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I'm from Thessaloniki (Greece) and I'm 17 years old.I play football as a right wing back.I follow Parma since season 93-94.

Other teams I support are PAOK and Liverpool.

Thats it...

Any given Sunday,you either win or loose.That's FOOTBALL...
doesn't taument plays in PAOK or does he plays in OFI

Is theo Zagorakis coming to paok?
and is v. borbokic(i don't really know his name very well but he played at derby until the last winter)
No,Gaston Taument is (not) playing at OFI.He is crap! he is on the bnech all the time of course...

Zagorakis will go to AEK.Sad because he was somehow one of the most beloved PAOK players before moving to Leichester (we sold him stupidly! :() he was our captain. :(

Yes,Vassilis (Vas as he was called in England) Borbokis plays for us,he is great!

Any given Sunday,you either win or loose.That's FOOTBALL...
Altough I'm not a Parma fan i'd like to give you some info on me Willem and the others.

I'm 21 years old, did play football when I was 8 for 2 years. From that time I decided to be a (ultra)fan and not play anymore for a while. (ultra doesn't mean I'm a hooligan cos I hate hooligans)

I support Feyenoord (season ticket for 7 years now) the other teams I support are Fiorentina and West Ham united.

I've got weak spots for other teams, which means I like it if they win as long as it is not aginst any of the above three.

These teams are Parma, Real madrid, AS Roma, Napoli, Genoa, Torino, ADO Den Haag, SC Heerenveen, FC Groningen, L'OM, Benfica, Sporting Portugal, River Plate. (excuse me if I forgot one)

I HATE the following teams:


Further more I'm gonna play footie myself again from next season. I'm also addicted to Championship Manager (from version 2 to 99/00) and also love to travel around the globe, e.g. to see footballmatches.

My dream is to see River Plate vs. Boca Juniors.

If you wanna know how I became a VIOLA fan go to the Fio forum and look for the post "how did we become Viola fans". You'll find my story.

Hi my name is Scream and I support Fiorentina....

and what's your kick in LIFE???????
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I'll take a turn at this one, Willem. I'm from the USA, and if you know Paolo Maldini's age, you got me too. I'm a teacher--computers--so I have a bunch to play around with during the day. ;)

My top team is AC Milan but I have a few others I've adopted, and that includes Parma and Bayern Munich and Fiorentina.
Like you guys, I'd like to disclose my info too.

I am almost 21-year-old. I am in Canada. I played soccer since 1986. I am a left-footer. I used to be a striker but turned to left-midfielder(like Nedved but couldn't score as much as he can)7 years ago. I engaged in school team from 1992 to 1995, scored 4 goals (too bad!)

Now, I don't participate in formal soccer match.

I have been supporting Parma beginning in the 1990-91 season. I support Parma ONLY.

Hi i am from Colombia and i follow acparma since 1991, when asprilla was playing there. I have played football for very long since i was 7 as midfielder and forward. im 24 old.

I HATE the following teams:




My prefer players are:

Zola, Di Biagio, Thuram, Crespo, Veron, Yepes, Montaño and Aimar.

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Penarol is from Portugal or is it from argentina?
and cerro porto is from paraguy isn't it?
Santafte is from wich country, probaly argentina?

Why Schalke 04, because of the troops of dutchman and belgians?

Q... do you still live in Colombia?
my favorire team is:ac milan,ac milan ac milan etc......
i also like ajax from holland
but first of all milan
i must agree that yepes and aimar are great players and they are both watched by parma.
i hope they get signed soon or later.
A 21-year-old female from Leiden, The Netherlands. A "Laziale" since age 15.


Penarol is from Uruguay,
it is not cerro porto but cerro porteno and they are indeed from paraguay.
I guess there are more teams called Santa Fe, but in Argentina is one for sure called Santa Fe de Colon.

I indeed forgot to mention teams I have a weak spot for, COLO COLO from Chile (when i was a kid they played in the world clubcup and tought they were a sort of COCA COLA team...... he guys don't get me on this I was only a small kid at that time)
I also have a weak spot for Gimnasia y Esgrima cuz Pablo Sanchez (former Feyenoord prodigy) plays there.

Fav countries: Holland, Argentina, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden & Saoudi Arabia (since SAEED EL O-WEIRAN scored a DIEGO MARADONA STYLED GOAL AT WORLD CUP 94 against dutch arch rivals Belgium)

Hi my name is Scream and I support Fiorentina....

and what's your kick in LIFE???????
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i live in jordan i'm 20 years old
i study in the universit computer scince
i'm in the third year now
i follow parma since 1992-1993(i think)
i'm a fanatic to parma and argentina international team
the only loyal i have is to parma
but ii'd like valencia ,foirentina
i WAS liked lazio but aafter the problem with almeyda
i begining to hate them

I PLAY in the mezza-punta role but i'd like to play in deffensive medfeilder role(it is my fav. position)
this year i my team took the cup of the university

i'd like the music alot
i'm a grunge and rosk fan

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This one is to Scream_675:


I am also from The Netherlands, Arnhem to be exact.

I am a Laziale for about 7 years now, and Vitesse almost my whole life, that is almost 20 years!!

I also play soccer, a very long time, over 10 years now I think, my fav position is attacking right/leftwinger, but I can play everywhere, which I also did in the past.

I also like Fifa 99, and yes Willem, Fifa 2000 sucks bigtime, well I dont know how it is on the pc, I have them on my playstation.
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