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This just came in from Arsenal News Review

By Myles Palmer

We have learned to expect the unexpected from Mr Wenger.

He buys a left back and turns him into a midfield dynamo.He signs a Ukrainian wing back and deploys him at centreback.

He picks up a left winger from Juventus and transforms him into a goalscoring machine.

But Wenger's latest plan is truly revolutionary.

ANR can exclusively reveal why Arsenal have signed so many new midfield players.

The French mastermind is still one step ahead of the game.

He is planning an 1-8-1 formation !

His new team will be :



Lauren,Parlour, Vieira, Petit, Bergkamp, Edu,Pires,Silvinho;


Sunderland will be baffled by that formation on August 19th.

And Wenger's Totally Twenty First Century All-Stars will certainly boost Sky's viewing figures on Monday night when Arsenal entertain Liverpool.

Liverpool boss Gerard Houllier has admitted he is worried by his friend's radical plan.

Houllier said, "I know Arsene desperately wants to beat us. But this is the most amazing new tactic I've seen in my 30 years in football."

Hmmmm, mr.palmer is clearly taking the piss, but non the less I think he may have a point, though perhaps inadvertantly.

It's not that far removed from established concepts.....total football anyone. It also remindes me of a much maligned statement by american bruce arena, who said he thought tactics would develop into favouring a 4-6 formation ultimately.

Certainly the versatility of players wenger is buying suggests that he wants to adapt a very fluid system. Lauren can play in defence or midfield, same with edmilson, of course silvinho can too. Pires and edu are are also very flexible players, who can play right across the midfield. It's could be intresting, if he adopts a fluid 4-4-2 style system, similar to the dutch. With silvinho, edmilson, and lauren pushing up in midfield when we have control of the ball. Giving us in effect a 1-8-1 indeed.

Having such power in midfield will allow us to exert alot of pressure on the other team, both in terms of stopping them play in midfield, and attacking wise. Question is, can he get the system to gel, theres not much time left before the start of the season.

Parlour dosen't have the necessary technical ability to take part in such a system.

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