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Arsene Wenger has confirmed that he is on the brink of pulling out of the £6 million deal to sign Edu, claiming that he felt 'cheated' over the deal, and also declaring that Kanu would not be going to the Olympics.

Wenger said the problem for Edu was that he did not have a proper passport and that is why the deal could be about to be dropped.

"The problem was that he did not have a passport," said Wenger. "We were assured before he came over that he had all the necessary papers and qualifications, that was obviously not the case and we feel we have been cheated.

"I still believe the player, who was given the passport by his agent, was honest, and did not know it was a fake. If I find out that he did we will never see him again.

"We will be making a full inquiry but what is clear already is that any club could have been caught up in a story like this.

"Happily he got caught, if he had got through then he would only have got into trouble when he next tried to leave the country, because then the problem would have been ours.

"It is good for us that people were doing their job well."

Wenger also confirmed Kanu would not be taking part in the Olympic games, contrary to earlier reports in the media.

"He is not going to the Olympics, he is back in London now and I have spoken to him and he has said there is no way he will go.

"It is his decision, and his priority is with Arsenal for the coming season."

The Dude
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Are you really sure Kanu sad that?
a while a go I heard that Kanu was really keen on playing in the olympics
I think Wenger has had a little talk with MR.Kanu
dont you think?!?
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