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Arsene Wenger is interested in signing Robbie Fowler if the 24-year old striker become available.

Wenger would be willing to pay 15 million pounds ($24 million) for Fowler if Liverpool's new 11 million-pound signing
Emile Heskey forces him out of the side, though Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier said on Friday he had no intention of selling any of his strikers.

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood told
Wenger that 35 million pounds will be available at the end of the season for buying players even though the club plans to build a new 150 million-pound stadium.

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I heard something about an interest from Arsenal's side, and you say they offered 24 million. Arsenal would probably need more a left winger than a striker (on Overmars' place), but if the injuries continue, who knows...And if they spent 70% of what they have for trasfers on the next striker they might loose the oppurtunity to make their team more stable. But knowing Wenger, you are probably right that Arsenal shall be among the first candidates for Fowler as soon as he goes on the bench (if at all).

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Rangers are also interested in Fowler now that the Rebrov deal has fallen through.
They are aware that he is a Rangers supporter and has confessed to wanting to play for them.
Their only worry is the fact that he seems to be injury prone at the moment.
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