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Hello people.

Right, Leeds are obviously in the play off final.

I said to my mate, that id be willing to pay the £84 it is to watch it from his club wembley seat(s) thinking it would be the easiest way instead of queuing up.

I then have got some tickets officially from Leeds now.

The only problem is, the club wembley seat turns out to be in the Doncaster end.

This means, that I can still go in the Leeds end with my other ticket.


How do I get rid of this club wembley ticket ?

My mate is ringing up wembley to see about the possibility of swapping the seats to the other end for that day.


Will I be able to sell the club wembley ticket to a tout ?


Are there lots of touts who will give me decent money for my ticket ( I paid £84, will i get over £50 you reckon for it.. (the game is going ot get close to been a sell out) ?

The main thing is about the touts and this club wembley ticket, will i be able to sell it on ?

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