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Source: www.onefootball.com

This is weird, but hey we're used to this!!!

Romanians divy up the Home of Football

Piece by piece, Wembley Stadium appears to be heading for Romania.

Onefootball.com can reveal that the mayor of Tirgu Mures in Transylvania, Dorin Florea, has acquired 2,300 seats that formed part of the old ground.

"I saw an offer on the internet and decided to buy them," explained Florea, who will put them in the stadium of local club ASA. "I decided to send an offer to London to ask how much we must pay for them or if we could take them for free.

"After a number of months, when all of us thought our chance had gone, somebody from the Wembley corporation phoned me saying that we could take the chairs for nothing but must pay for transport costs.

"We paid a total of £9,000 for 2,300 chairs."

But the story does not end there. After hearing of Florea's exploits, Romanian football federation chief Mircea Sandu contacted Wembley to make his own order.

He plans to ship the floodlights from the former Home of Football to the federation's main training complex in Bucharest.

All he needs now is to construct a leaky roof and terracing with such a shallow gradient that anybody behind the front row can barely see, and the Wembley experience will be virtually complete.
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