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As Boyo would say, here at Lazio is better to put a good news in disguise :)
So, from SportM****set
Lazio and Al Sadd have reached an agreement about the sale of Mauro Zàrate to the Eagles. Lazio will pay 15 million euro (adding that to the 2 million for the loan) for a 5 year contract. Zàrate will see his wages going up season by season, going from the current 800.000 euro to 1,5 million euro in the fifth year of his contract.
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The only thing we could do. Let's hope it becomes official soon. I'm expecting Zarate to leave before the contract is over, but to let such a nugget go would be crazy. Selling him should easily fetch that 15 million if he continues like this.
I agree!!! Buy him his value is high. If he playes this way his value will be higher and higher. Then even if he wants to leave teams like Inter or real will pay big money for him.
I hope that doesnt happen, but we have seen it in the past.
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