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We will not get the bologna & swedish international striker Kennet Andersson neither will Marseille
Andersson heading to the turkish club Fenerbahce!!! :(
He confirmed today that he got an extreme good offer thats almost impossible to say no to.
To bad for us and Kennet Andersson
Fenerbache really suck in my opinion,
If he was heading to turkey he could atleast gone to Galatasaray to replace Sukur but no
:( Now its time to search for someone else...

From onefootball


Kennet Andersson will become the best paid Swedish football player
ever if he signs for Fenerbahce after the Turkish club offered him a
yearly salary of £1.5 million.

"They have made me an incredible offer that I couldn't possibly turn
down," Andersson told newspaper Expressen.

On Sunday, Andersson, his girlfriend and their nine-month old
daughter flew to Turkey with agent Vincnzo Morabito to finalise talks
with the Istanbul club who will pay Bologna £3.3 million for the big
Swede's signature.

Economically, the parties have already agreed a two-year deal and
now it remains for the player to decide whether Turkey is the right
place for him and his family.

"Everything has to feel right. It's very important to find a place to live
where me and my family will feel happy," Andersson said.

The 32-year-old Sweden striker will stay in Istanbul until Tuesday,
when he'll sign the lucrative contract if he is happy with what he sees
in Turkey.

The deal will give Andersson a total salary of £3 million and make him
the highest paid Swedish player ever, overshadowing Par Zetterberg
who recently agreed a yearly salary of £1.36m at Olympiakos.

Fenerbahce have chased Andersson persistently, competing for the
player with Marseille, Fiorentina and Arsenal.

"I had more or less turned down Fenerbahce for good, but they have
eagerly came back with new and better bids, Andersson continued.

"I rejected a three-year contract, and I was not all that serious in
telling them that I might change my mind if I got a two-year deal and a
lot more money.

"Unbelievably they came back, saying that they would pay the
money I asked for. This offer was beyond the limit of money that you
can turn down," Andersson added.

His salary at Fenerbahce means a 28 per cent pay rise compared to
his present employers Bologna.


So, whos more mad?

The Dude
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Didnt gala get Boksic and Jardel?
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