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Welcome to the forums ya deeerty Gooners

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Hey chaps, I've been informed of and seen an influx of Arsenal supporters to the site.

Just to wish you a welcome and hopefully a few good seasons of banter between our sides.:tongue:

You currently totally outnumber us, but I've seen Karate Kid 4 times, so it shouldn't be a problem...:eek:

Anyway enjoy the forums :)

And exactly where in Sarf London is Highbury??? ;) (A lame effort, but I'm warming up :D )
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Y'see this is why sperzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz consistently fail......YOU ALL TAKE PRIDE IN ABSOLUTE MEDIOCRITY. You get served porridge on a weekly basis and still have the temerity to try to convince the rest of us it's ambrosia!

I mean...........the Karate Kid indeed.

It could have at least been Rocky III.....'I want you Balboa...I want you.....You're next Balboa'......Tell 'im Mr T.


You said Breakdance 2: Electric Boogaloo would have a greater shelf life than ET!

Fuk you....time'll tell on that one
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The Porridge/Ambrosia description of Spurs is quite correct.
Porridge is very inconsistant and bland :)

"Who's house??"
"Run's house"
"I said who's house??"
"Run's house" (Say what)
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