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Well, it's time to make some predictions. First, I know nothing about Barcelona. I don't know about their squad, tacitcs, current position etc. But I do know that at moment Chelsea is in trouble.
1. Lebouef is suspended. :( No doubt he is our best player and he is out.
2. Babayaro issue. Last Saturday commentators said that 3 Chelsea's players are joining with their national teams, Poyet has been away for some time now, and two others are Baba and Weah ( ok Weah will miss Newcastle game) LeSaux is still injured, meanig left back is :( Yesterday there were some rumours that Chelsea has asked from UEFA to relsea Baba from international duty, like they did with Kanu, but don't know how the situation is right now. If Baba will go, then probably Hogh will play as a left back. So the defense line will be
Ferrer Thome Desailly ?Hogh
or could it be
Ferrer Thome Desailly
I don't even try to guess, who's gonna play on midfield and forward. Wise and Descamps seem to be certain to start, but others, who know's.
0-0 at Stamford Brigde and 1-1 away is enought to me :)
PS According to Ze, we should broke Rivaldo's legs to stop him and then Figo's and Zenden's. Fine with me :)
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