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Oh yea....after Ancona we will play against another team that have a bad situation....but they're different than Ancona.
They don't want to be relegated, and they have a nice team and nice players...like Rocchi, Vannucchi, Di Natale....
On the first leg we won 2-0 with one Sensini's goal and one by Iaquinta... but at that time they were so poor ....and now that Vannucchi is back they're nice again...
Will be not easy beat them....and will be an hard day for Sensini:D ( because Rocchi:rolleyes: )...

by the way, we could have Pierini because is recovered...so, apart Pieri we could have all players....noone injured:eek: ...

about Empoli, they have Grella out and seems that Lanzaro and Belleri are recovered.

So we must win this match...:rolleyes: for don't lose importants poits...but like always i think I will suffer because like alwyas our guys will mistake more easy goals:rolleyes: ....

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Empoli - Udinese

Luciano Spalletti comes face to face with his former club, but their aims for this season are very different indeed.

Udinese caught Inter in sixth place thanks to their third victory in four games – a 3-0 thrashing of Ancona – and are heading for UEFA Cup qualification. David Pizarro has recovered from his fitness problems and contract disagreements to put his efforts back into helping their cause and scored in last week’s rout. Dino Fava is also back on track and will be eager to increase his already impressive 10-goal tally.

Empoli managed to earn a point at fellow strugglers Modena at the weekend, but it was not enough to help them out of the relegation zone. In fact, wins for Perugia and Lecce make it an even more difficult prospect to stay in Serie A for another season. Goals are their real problem, as Tommaso Rocchi and Italian international Antonio Di Natale shoulder the lions’ share of the burden when it comes to pushing forward. Giampieretti steps in to the midfield for the suspended Fabrizio Ficini.


Empoli (probable): Balli; Belleri, Cribari, Vargas, Cupi; Giampieretti, Zanetti; Busce’, Vannucchi, Di Natale; Rocchi

Udinese (probable): De Sanctis; Bertotto, Sensini, Kroldrup; Castroman, Pinzi, Pizarro, Muntari; Jankulovski, Jorgensen; Fava

Ref: To folllow


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Spalletti ha testato la condizione dei suoi giocatori facendo disputare una partitella “in casa”. La squadra A ha vinto per 3 a 1, con reti di Muntari, Fava e Jancker.
Muntari ha dimostrato di essere in eccellenti condizioni, è stato il migliore, costruendo gioco e recuperando palloni.
Non hanno preso parte alla sfida in famiglia Iaquinta, Castroman, Jorgensen e Jankulovski. I primi due per un lieve risentimento muscolare, gli altri due perchè un po’ affaticati.
Tutti saranno comunque disponibili per la trasferta ad Empoli.
Fabio Rossitto invece ha la febbre e quasi sicuramente sabato non sarà disponibile.


Today a little friendly.... The team A won for 3-1 with goals of Mutari,Fava and Jancker.
Mutari is in perfect form and was the best in field.
There weren't for this game Iaquinta,Castroman, Jorgensen and Jankulovski for some problems.
But they will be ready for the game against Empoli.
Fabio Rossitto have the fever and maybe saturday he can't be called.

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Spalletti shrugs off Euro dreams

Udinese are just four points adrift of the Champions’ League places, but Luciano Spalletti pours cold water on their ambition.

“There are examples of sides like Verona and even earlier incarnations of Udinese who were in Europe one season and nearly relegated the next,” warns the Coach.

“We absolutely must not lose our sense of perspective and let ourselves go. There are many dangers and anything can happen in Serie A.”

One such obstacle is the trip to Empoli – a side currently third from bottom, but that has already taken points off Juventus and Inter.

“This certainly will not be an easy match,” said the former Empoli Coach. “They have an excellent team spirit, while pacey players like Antonio Di Natale and Tommaso Rocchi are always ready to pounce.”

Udinese fans are still dreaming of European glory after catching the mighty Inter on 36 points.

“We must keep the right attitude and I realise it is the hard work of the players who got us here,” concluded Spalletti.

“But don’t forget that it’s easier for Sampdoria to make up the six points to reach us than for Udinese to take four points off Lazio.”

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probable formations:

1 Bucci
25 Lucchini
3 Cribari
31 Vargas
2 Cupi
20 Giampieretti
4 Zanetti
35 Buscé
77 Vannucchi
9 Di Natale
22 Rocchi

23 Balli
19 Coda ........ yessssss Coda gained one place in the first team after Viareggio:proud:
81 Cappellini
5 Pratali
11 Gasparetto
10 Tavano
17 Foggia

1 De Sanctis
4 Bertotto
20 Sensini
2 Kroldrup
13 Pinzi
8 Pizarro
32 Muntari
6 Jankulovski
10 Jorgensen
11 Fava
79 Iaquinta

90 Renard
21 Pazienza
19 Felipe
22 Alberto
31 Rossitto
9 Jancker
7 Castroman

refeere: Messina

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Pinzi out
Castroman in

.....:yuck: ...i want Iaquinta out:eek:
:howler: maybe is better if enter one defender... Di Natale, Vannucchi, Buscè and Rocchi are so strong for us:D

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Empoli 2 - 0 Udinese
Busce' 22 (E), Cribari 42 (E)

Luciano Spalletti's high-flying Udinese suffered a surprise ( surprise??? oh well,i see,dear channel4,u underrated Empoli!) defeat as the Coach visited his former club.

The home side wanted a penalty after three minutes when Tommaso Rocchi's header struck the arm of Nestor Sensini, but as the two players were very close together the referee judged it to be involuntary.

It was a relatively even first half with shots from Antonio Di Natale and Giampiero Pinzi shaving the woodwork, while Daniele Balli was forced into a splendid save on Vincenzo Iaquinta's effort.

But it was Empoli who took the surprise lead after 22 minutes. Ighli Vannucchi whipped in a corner kick and Antonio Busce's bullet header beat Morgan De Sanctis.

Udinese tried to fight back with a series of chances from Marek Jankulovski, Dino Fava and Vannucchi.

But Empoli went close to doubling their lead with Rocchi's well-taken half-volley and a Lucchini header on Busce's taut cross.

De Sanctis did well to tip Vannucchi's ambitious free kick out of the top corner, but the second goal eventually arrived just before the break.

Another set-piece from Vannucchi found the head of defender Emilson Sanchez Cribari and left the Udinese goalkeeper with no chance.

The second half was along similar lines, as Udinese pushed forward without really putting Balli under pressure, while Empoli had the best chances on the counter-attack.

On the hour mark Di Natale combined with Vannucchi and drilled over the bar from a good scoring position.

The visitors were furious when Fava ran on to Sensini's inspired through ball, but the move was halted for an incorrect offside decision.

There was further controversy 15 minutes from time at the other end of the field. A stunning Vannucchi long pass allowed Rocchi to sprint into the box and before clattering into the goalkeeper he managed to squeeze a shot on target, only for Sensini to perform a goalline clearance. Referee Messina at first awarded Empoli a penalty, then changed his mind after consulting with his assistant.

The Tuscans continued to play well and Di Natale curled his effort inches wide from a very tricky angle, while Udinese substitute Carsten Jancker turned a couple of headers off target.

The visitors could not possibly have gone closer to scoring a goal than on 85 minutes. Jancker sprung the offside trap and placed his delicate lob on to the bar, then Fava pounced on the loose ball only to thump the upright from close range.

Soon after Vannucchi performed a desperate goalline clearance on Jankulovski's drive, but it was too late for Udinese to stage a real comeback.

Empoli: Balli; Lucchini, Cribari, Vargas, Cupi; Zanetti, Giampieretti (Pratali 70); Buscè, Vannucchi, Di Natale; Rocchi (Cappellini 89)

Udinese: De Sanctis; Bertotto, Sensini (Felipe 87), Kroldrup; Pinzi (Castroman 59), Pizarro, Muntari, Jankulovski; Jorgensen (Jancker 74); Iaquinta, Fava

Ref: Messina

channel4 shut up.
the right is that we played so bad, Empoli was so good and deserved to win. We didn't nothing all match!!!!!
And also Pinzi and Bertotto got the yellow card and they can't play against Perugia!
That's bad,will be another match were we will lose because we don't have noone for replacement of Bertotto....if Pierini is still with fever.
And i don't want Alberto in field,so please i want Pazienza recoveredddddddddddd

by the way,congrat to Empoli and i'm happy that my lovely Cribari and my friend Buscè scored.

Forza Empoli,u must stay in Serie A

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my ratings:

De Sanctis 5.5
Bertotto 5
Sensini 4.5
Kroldrup 4.5
Pinzi 4
Muntari 5
Pizarro 4 ...what a sadness
Jankuovski 4 ..did NOTHING
Jorgensen 5 : played good 20 minutes only
Fava 5.5
Iaquinta 4 ... is better when start form the bench
Castroman 5.5
Jancker: 5.5 got the cross-bar
Felipe : i can't jude him cuz played just 10 inutes...but he could score...so was not bad

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Unlucky Arianna...:(

I wanted you to take Inter...:D

Udinese know what to do...at Perugia...

Wasn't it...hmm..bit bad that Perugia got 3 penalties today...that's not a good sign someone wants them to stay up...:eek: :dazed:

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GaGa said:

Wasn't it...hmm..bit bad that Perugia got 3 penalties today...that's not a good sign someone wants them to stay up...:eek: :dazed:
:D the ref was the same ref of Udinese-Bologna 1-2 were Guly scored with hand...
so all people said he was Bologna fans...and so this time decided to take all favours against Bologna

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Attilio Perotti: “I must compliment my lads for playing with enthusiasm, quality and determination. Udinese were below par, but above all because we put in such a strong performance. I have always believed we could avoid relegation, even before the results started rolling in, and since the defeat to Bologna the side has been particularly consistent.”

Luciano Spalletti: “I didn’t like the attitude of my side at the start and it was a poor first half. Empoli wanted the result more and fully deserved it, as our reaction was too late to make a difference. I hope this will give us a real boost.”

i love u coach
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