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Week 26: Espanyol v Valencia

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We are playing tomorrow night you know :boxing: We're going to the dump that is known as the Montjuic! I forgot what time's kick-off 7PM, 8PM GMT, suttin like that.

Espanyol have lost 6 out of the last 7.
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I heard it was 10pm :confused:

I would play the same line-up, unless Marchena is over his foot injury. When's Miguel coming back? I'd rather him then Caneira.
Could be 10PM CET, so that makes it 9PM GMT.

Tamudo and Jarque i believe are out for Espanyol.
Really hope we can win this one. Last time they scored in the last minutes to secure their win I think.

They are having troubles atm like us, so we should be able to get a result.

Albiol captain again please :)
Good, Espanyol are in disastrous form, it will be tough as all away matches are, but we can get i postive result.
I liked to see a similar team, maybe old Wincente to start?
Personally, i'd like to see Vicente start, but i doubt he will. Mata will start, we should slowly start giving Vicente more minutes to build up his match fitness, to try and avoid his inevitable injuries. Can't wait fo abit more Ever :star:
Oh man... Just because you did a draw don't make you anything special :D
Sorry guys, when I wanna create this thread, this fvcking forum was down..
If we want to get involved in European stuff, this is a must-win.

I hope we can continue the good defense and start acting a little more offensive. When will Marchena be back. I missed him already.:D
we need a much better display than against barca, we need to get at espanol from the start to have any chance, every game is like a cup final for us now and we need to be more positive in attack
Oh man... Just because you did a draw don't make you anything special :D
Not just "A" draw, a draw at the Campy Nou Nou and only 10 secs from winning. :sweeteye:
Oficial Line-up

Caneira - Albiol - Helguera - Moretti
----------Maduro - Ever----------
--------Joaquín, Villa y Mata------
Tiki-taka! :party:

We'll own them with this formation!
I hope Villa gives them pain!
same lineup, at least there is consistanty. im still worried by our defense tho. We have great attacking players so lets see some ATTACKING PLEASE!!!!!
Good line-up, Jarque is back though for Esp.
Gol Espanyol very bad defending. Very bad Timo.
Hildebrand with a howler..
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